Sep. 20th, 2017

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Sunday night, I finished reading Murder Go Round by Carol J Perry. It's part of her "Witch City" mystery series, featuring reluctant scryer Maralee "Lee" Barrett.

Lee's Aunt Ibby convinces her to go to a storage auction, and they end up bidding on and winning the contents of a locker. Among the items are a samovar that Ibby spotted and coveted, some old doll dresses, a carved carousel horse, a Cuckoo clock, and some nesting dolls. Shortly after their win, Lee and her boyfriend Pete take the horse to a local man to restore. That evening, the man's shop is broken into, Lee's horse is broken apart, and a man has been murdered outside of the shop.

Lee can't help but think the murder is related to the contents of the storage locker, but police officer Pete isn't so sure. Aided by her aunt, her cat, her best friend, and her visions, Lee begins putting the pieces together, and what she finds is that the current crime may have ties to a bloody part of Russia's history.

This was a great story. There was so much going on, and I loved how all the clues added up, one leading to another, until the mystery was solved. For once, the identity of the killer was fairly obvious throughout the book, but there was still the matter of proving it and discovering the reasons behind it.

Favorite line: "Books and magazines. Papers and ink. You love the printed word. Kindles and Nooks have their place, but they don't have that smell."

Enjoyable! Five stars:



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