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I took advantage of my 3-day weekend to read Broken Soul by Faith Hunter. It's part of her urban fantasy series, featuring skinwalker Jane Yellowrock.

With a looming visit from a delegation of European vampires in the future, it's up to Jane to help Leo, the Master of the City of New Orleans, beef up security at vampire Headquarters. Everyone involved seems to think this meeting is a prelude to war, and tensions are high. Jane, however, has bigger issues. A being made of light seems bent on attacking her, she's being tailed wherever she goes, and Leo's former primo, George (whom Jane affectionately calls Bruiser), seems bent on seducing her. Worse, Jane's inner cat, Beast, likes Bruiser.

This particular book was less engrossing/gripping than others, but it featured much more in the way of vampire history, Jane's abilities, and more from Beast. While I enjoyed and appreciated that, it still took me all weekend to read. Had it been a "normal" Jane Yellowrock book, I probably would have knocked it all back on Saturday. The battle scenes weren't as intense, due to Jane's newfound ability, but they were still gory and exciting in an edge-of-your-seat manner. It was interesting to see how carefully Bruiser courted Jane, as well as to witness Leo's jealous rage over it.

Favorite lines:
♦ Call me a lover of slasher porn, but some dudes just deserved to lose their heads. Both of them.
♦ New beginnings often started with the broken bits and shattered pieces of the old.
♦ "Religion as a political entity is always horrible."

In spite of the deviation from the "norm" (for this series), I really enjoyed the book. Five stars:

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I forced myself to go to bed last night, rather than finish my current book, but I polished it off today. It was Black Arts, which is part of Faith Hunter's "Jane Yellowrock" urban fantasy series.

When the husband of Jane's best friend, Molly, comes to New Orleans looking for his wife, Jane has no idea that Molly is even missing. Desperate to find her friend, Jane launches an investigation. Her activities are curtailed when she is called upon to fulfill her role as Enforcer for Master Vampire Leo, but recent shifts in vampire activity and protocol lead Jane to believe that the events may be related. It seems too coincidental that Molly would vanish as a contingent of strange vamps comes to NOLA for a diplomatic gathering.

Jane's world is further rocked when her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Rick, seems taken with a new wereleopard in town. Jane's anger helps fuel her focus as she searches for Molly. The search leads her into frighteningly familiar territory--that of vampires and witches working together.

Fabulous, as always. Jane seems so bad ass, but she has character flaws and foibles that make her a likable heroine. She is still learning about her own heritage as a skinwalker, and some of that learning enables her to let go of guilt she has been carrying around.

Favorite line: The mental image of a two-hundred-year-old vamp with a dog nose in his crotch was giggle-worthy, but not something I could share under the circumstances.

Five stars!

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Finished reading Blood Trade, by Faith Hunter, last night. It's part of her "Jane Yellowrock" urban fantasy series.

Jane's secret is out, and people now know she's a skinwalker. Jane's Beast has been magically bonded to Master Vampire Leo, which makes Jane reluctant to shift. As a result, she's getting cranky and restless. When an opportunity arises to travel to Natchez and help another Master vampire deal with rogues, Jane jumps at the chance. She takes along her own, small team, leaving Leo and New Orleans behind.

Before she can begin hunting rogue vamps, however, Jane makes a side trip to meet up with a former childhood acquaintance. Misha wants to interview Jane for a book she's writing on vampires. Janes suspects there's more to Misha's story than that, and she's right.

Jane and Eli meet with the Master vampire, then go hunting. They soon discover that these rogue vamps are unlike any vampires they've encountered before. The rogues are morphing into something faster and more dangerous than normal vampires.

To make matters more difficult, Misha goes missing, leaving her sick child in Jane's care, Jane's former boyfriend comes to town, and then Leo's primo, Bruiser, shows up. Both men are in contention for Jane's attention, and they aren't planning on playing nice with one another.

As with other books in this series, the story was fast-paced and engrossing. The battle scenes are brutal and bloody. Jane has to survive on her skill, her wits, and pure moxie.

Favorite line: Never admit you're wrong when silence lies that you're right.

Fabulous! Five stars!

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Stayed up a bit late last night, but I did finish Death's Rival by Faith Hunter. It's the fifth installment in her "Jane Yellowrock" urban fantasy series.

When Master Vampires are being defeated without a fight and their territories taken over, Jane's boss Leo wants her to look into it. Jane soon learns that the vamps are being sickened, which shouldn't happen to their kind, and that everything seems to be pointing straight back at her. A man she killed in self-defense was the Enforcer for an old and powerful vampire, who is now using that as an excuse to make a move on Leo's territory.

Jane is convinced that Leo has an informant in his entourage--someone who is giving intel to the rival vampire. Now she has to contend with a potential blood-feud, a traitor, and her ignorance regarding vampire politics, all while still trying to keep her nature as a skinwalker hidden.

The story was fraught with excitement and bloody battles, as well as UST between Jane and Leo's primo, George. It was difficult to put down, which is why I read it so quickly.

Favorite line: Walk softly and carry a big stick. Or stomp loudly and carry enough firepower to start a small war. Whatever worked.

Five of five!

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Last night, I finished reading Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter. It's the fourth book in her "Jane Yellowrock" urban fantasy series.

So much going on this book:

♦ Jane is heading security for a meeting between two vampire factions
♦ Two rogue werewolves are slaughtering campers in the area, and Jane is tasked with investigating
♦ Jane's sorta-kinda boyfriend, Rick, is struggling to accomplish his first shift, while the shifter that Jane assigned to assist him would rather kill him, leaving Jane to mediate
♦ Jane's bff Molly, along with her witch sisters, is being spelled by their eldest sister and coven leader

And, oh yeah, Jane is still hellbent on keeping her own nature as a skinwalker a secret.

This was a long book, but I rocked through it in only a few days. It was difficult to put down. As she tries to keep tabs on everything falling to hell around her, Jane starts seeing how it's all tied together, and just when you think things are finally resolved, BAM! Something else happens. Very exciting!

I love how Jane is so competent as a warrior, but she still struggles with relationships and intimacy and her own ineptitude in social situations. She's a well-developed character, and I also enjoy the secondary characters, including those we've met in prior books and ones first introduced in this book. Can't wait to read more!

Five out of five:
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I stayed up too late last night, but I just had to finish reading Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter. This is the third in her series about rogue vampire hunter/skinwalker Jane Yellowrock.

Jane's job becomes more difficult when weres (werewolves, werecats) announce their existence to the world at large. A contingent of werecats is set to meet with the vampires of New Orleans, and Jane is expected to help with security. When she is attacked by a group of rogue werewolves, Jane is saved by a stranger who claims he used to be the Mercy Blade to New Orleans' vampires, tasked with killing vamps who've gone insane. In the meantime, Jane's boyfriend, undercover cop Rick LaFleur, seems to have disappeared. It's up to her to make sure the vamps and weres play nice, find Rick, and help the police solve a murder.

There was a lot going on in this book, as Jane learns more about vampire history and politics, as well as more information about her own background. The action was fast-paced and engrossing, which is why I stayed up late to finish it.

Five stars!

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I stayed up too late on Wednesday night, finishing Blood Cross by Faith Hunter. It's the second book in her series featuring skinwalker heroine Jane Yellowrock.

After doing a job for the vampires in New Orleans, they contract Jane to stay on and help rid the city of a vamp who is creating young rogues and allowing them to run loose. Jane has to juggle her investigation, while playing hostess to her best friend Molly (a witch) and Molly's two children, and simultaneously staying away from Leo Pellissier, the Blood Master of the city. Complicating matters are two potential suitors for Jane, as well as the fact that witch children are being abducted in the city.

Jane begins to see a correlation between the abductions and the creation of rogue vampires. When Molly's children are taken, Jane is in a race to save them before they can be sacrificied in a bizarre ritual.

This is top-notch urban fantasy, and I really enjoy the times when Jane's "other half", a cougar she calls simply Beast, comes to the fore.

Five stars for this one!

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I stayed up late last night to finish the book I'd been reading at home. It was Skinwalker by Faith Hunter. It's the first in her urban fantasy series featuring Jane Yellowrock, who is a skinwalker of Cherokee descent.

Jane makes a living hunting rogue vampires, and she's been hired by the Vampire Council of New Orleans to kill a rogue who has been savaging people in the French Quarter. Jane has never interacted with "sane" vampires, and dealing with them and their politics is a learning experience for her.

The book had a unique premise, in that Jane carries the spirit of a mountain lion in her. When she shifts, she typically takes on the form of Beast, and the story then shifts to Beast's point of view. The story had me guessing right up to the end, as it was difficult to discern who were the good guys and who was the bad guy.

I know I have at least one more in this series, and I plan to look for the others.

Four stars!



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