Feb. 16th, 2017

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Last night, I read a short ebook novella, Dying to be a Star by Sarah Kelly. It's the first in a series featuring witch-in-training India Kirby.

The basic plot was that India's friend Amy got a catering gig for a C-List singer, who was trying to make a big comeback. Amy enlists India's assistance. During the course of the party, the hostess/guest of honor, Onyx, dies.

It went a bit pear-shaped from there.

Without knowing how Onyx died, the police arrested Amy on suspicion of murder, because she delivered a drink to the woman. Of course, that's when India decided she needed to get involved to clear her friend's name. Plus, India has an "in" with the local police, her "we're just friends" friend Xavier. And...the plot unraveled from there.

Spoilers, ahoy! )

So, yeah. Premise was unoriginal, execution was terrible, characters were two-dimensional, and the author lacked any concept of police procedures. Plus, the plot point of India being a witch wasn't explored in any depth. Mostly, it consisted of her communicating telepathically with her mentor, Luis.

Favorite line: ...she heard the Scooby Doo gang deliberating.

Deserves about 1 1/2 stars, but I'll give it 2 for the Scooby reference.



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