Sep. 5th, 2017

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I stayed at the office for lunch today, which allowed me to finish reading Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank. It's the first book in her "Nightwalkers" series.

The Nightwalkers are the nonhuman races, such as demons, vampires, and lycanthropes. Jacob is the Enforcer for the Demons, and it's his job to punish any of their kind who harm humans. On patrol one evening, Jacob saves Isabella from falling out of an open window. He has spent centuries alone, but he is inexplicably attracted to the small human woman. Jacob, Isabella, and the other Demons soon learn that Bella is actually a Druid--from a race of nonhumans who were supposedly eradicated by Demons. However, Isabella's research seems to indicate that Demons and Druids once worked closely together. Her newly formed bond with Jacob has awakened her own powers, making it clear she is Jacob's equal when it comes to her ability to eradicate errant Nightwalkers.

Now, it's up to the Demons to begin rebuilding their society by seeking out the same Druids they once persecuted almost to extinction. Along the way, Jacob and Bella must also contend with dissent among Demons, as well as the growing menace of human Necromancers, who have the ability to Summon Demons and pervert them until they transform into the Demons of human nightmares.

The world building was interesting. The prose was a bit purple. I used to lap that up, but these days, it leaves me feeling rather blah. I confess that I was a tad uncomfortable with Demons being the "good guys", even though the author portrayed them as noble.

Favorite line: She even had the requisite pair of cats.
OMG, I just realized that this is the last mention of Isabella's cats! What became of them?! *frets over the cats*
Least favorite line: "Eleven! Eleven years old?"
See? Stalked by eleven-eleven, even in the books I read!

A decent enough story. Main characters fell in twu wuv too quickly for my taste. Oh, and Isabella was allegedly a ravishing beauty, nearly 30, but still a virgin. Um, okaaaaay. Not that that's a bad thing, but I find it difficult to believe she could have been so gorgeous, yet never had a serious relationship until Jacob. Sheesh. Eh, giving this one four stars:



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