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It is currently 78 degrees (Fahrenheit) in my house...which is 20 degrees cooler than it is outside.

Please send snow.

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It is freakishly hot here today--in the 80's. Thunderstorms are looming, and the ground is still damp from earlier rain.

I took advantage of the weather to haul all the cats outside, even Annalise! Of course, this meant wrestling five cats into their harnesses, snapping leashes on them and attaching said leashes to ones that are permanently tied outside.

I found an extra harness, thank goodness, and I used that one on Timea since she grew a bit more. The smallest harness ended up on Annalise with a lot less fuss than I had anticipated. However, I was short a leash. Instead, I had to find a bit of corded string to tie to Annalise's harness. I sat out there with her and kept an eye on things.

Taj took a nap beneath the bare branches of my lilac bush (where he still is). Seamus ate grass and horked it up within five minutes of coming back in. Tau seemed more interested in sidewinding me than in enjoying his time outside. Timea hunkered down and growled at everything and nothing. Annalise sniffed around a bit, but she did more hissing than anything else.

*rolls eyes*

Hope you all are having nice weekends!
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I have Hat Club in a little over an hour, then I may go Christmas shopping with Jillian. It's cold here, with snow on the ground, but the sun is shining at least. The rest of you stay safe and warm!
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We were supposed to have our annual Hat Club Christmas this evening, but the horrid weather in the Midwest forced us to cancel. I was looking forward to seeing the girls again! For the first time, we were going to meet for dinner, rather than lunch, and I was going to wear a sparkly, beaded Jack McConnell hat. Woe.

But, better to stay home, safe, than venture out and be sorry.

We've tentatively rescheduled a lunch for next Saturday.
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It is so nice outside today. It's in the 60's, and it feels more like September than November. It seems like we're going to skip winter completely and go right back into spring and summer!

The outside cats are basking in the sunshine, and I have one of the windows in the house cracked open for the house cats to sit by. This is cat weather, for sure!


Nov. 1st, 2008 02:12 am
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Happy (belated) Halloween! It's now officially November, which kicks off what I hope will be a successful month of NaBloPoMo.

We had weirdly warm and wonderful weather today for the end of October. I had to spend it indoors at work. Boo, indeed. My only concession to the holiday was wearing my Mad City Monsters hockey jersey. *grins*

The evening was spent watching a lot of Ghost Hunters live, and I just finished watching Ghost Adventures. I managed some family bonding in there, as well. It's the wee brother's birthday weekend, and we're having a gathering of the clan. His party is Saturday night, and a lot of people will be coming in costume, so I'll post about that next time. Until then, ciao!


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