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I just finished reading Marked fur Murder, which is the third book in Dixie Lyle's "Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot" mystery series.

Foxtrot's boss, ZZ, is hosting another of her famous salons, complete with the requisite cast of unique characters. One of the guests is the sister of Foxtrot's boyfriend, Ben, and when Anna is murdered on the estate, Foxtrot vows to find out who did it. There are no shortage of suspects, but another guest, who also claims to be a Thunderbird, like Ben and Anna, says it's the ancient, supernatural enemy of Thunderbirds who is responsible. When people report seeing a large, rainbow colored serpent on the grounds, Foxtrot is convinced it's the physical form of the supernatural beast. Now, she just has to prove it, and catch a killer.

I had trouble getting into this book. There was really too much going on, to the point of being confusing. After I'd gotten used to only Foxtrot and Ben being able to communicate telepathically with Whiskey and Tango, now several other people could, too. The story was funny and exciting by turns, but I find it difficult to describe the plot, because it was all over the place. Ben was acting like an ass for most of the book and needed a good dope slap, while the other Thunderbird was more of a thundercunt and needed a punch in the face. Apparently, Foxtrot is attracted to musician Keene, although she takes pains not to act on it, but it seemed like the author was setting up a break up between her and Ben.

Favorite lines:
♦ "My boss doesn't just embrace change, she kisses it. With tongue."
♦ "I know. Which means that admitting I know is a big no-no, in case what he knows isn't what I think he knows. You know?"
♦ "I'm so capable I should be wearing a cape."
♦ "Argh. It's a universal human term loosely translating to, 'I'm overwhelmed and frustrated, somebody make this stop.'"
♦ ...Argh also acted as a universal beacon, drawing even more trouble your way. It was the wounded wildebeest of epithets.
♦ "Oh, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode through about an hour ago, but they just needed directions. Apparently they aren't supposed to show up here until next week."

A tad disappointing, for this series, but still very good overall. Four stars:

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I finished reading To Die Fur last night. It's the second book in author Dixie Lyle's "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" mystery series.

Deirdre "Foxtrot" Lancaster's boss, zany billionaire ZZ, has agreed to house a rare white liger at her exotic menagerie until a new home can be found for him. Several people from around the world are invited to ZZ's estate to make a pitch as to which of them should be allowed to claim Augustus. Unfortunately, before ZZ can decide, the liger is dead, and it's up to Foxtrot to find out who did it. As it turns out, that's the least of her worries. Augustus was more than he seemed, and now two big cat deities are squabbling over whether or not Augustus should go to the great beyond for lions or for tigers. Foxtrot is kept busy with things in the mortal realm, as well as with all the happenings in the ethereal realm. She is helped along the way by her telepathic cat, Tango, and her shape shifting dog, Whiskey, as well as her boyfriend Ben...the Thunderbird.

The only sure thing is that Foxtrot is going to be busy.

While the premise was unique, in that it was an animal that was "murdered", rather than a person, I must go on record as saying that bothered me. Even though we later see Augustus' spirit romping and having a good time, it still bothered me. Aside from that, the book was fun and exciting and humorous.

Favorite lines (and there were a lot!):
♦ "Yes, Ben, they're werepeople. Please don't call the police if you see a naked man rooting through the garbage or a nude woman up in a tree."
♦ 'That's not a strange name. I knew a terrier once named Princess Boopsie Loopsy Quimbasket Biscuit Barrel the Third.'
♦ "I do believe I'll turn in early, myself; if I'm going to be murdered while I sleep, I'd like to be well rested. Terribly difficult to hide bags under your eyes when you're dead."
♦ 'Cats don't die; they burgle the afterlife.'
♦ I heard Whiskey whine. Which was a funny sentence when you thought about it, but I didn't because I was a little too shook up by the sound of the world ending.
♦ I was pretty sure I now qualified as a professional in the field of weird; when part of your daily responsibilities was eavesdropping on a conversation between a dead liger and his god over the existence of squeaky toys in Heaven, I really doubted I could find anything stranger to put on my resume.
♦ It was a word that didn't need any others to sound scary; it was a whole badass gang all by itself. It probably beat up other words and stole their punctuation.
♦ "I'm a chef. I blame string cheese for everything."
♦ "My body doesn't react well to bullets. I tend to break out in hospital bills and sporadic fits of death."
♦ He looked like someone with a royal flush who'd just discovered he was playing Go Fish.

Wow, so many zingers! I could have listed more, but it was getting out of hand.

Overall, a good story--four stars:

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As of five minutes ago, I finished reading A Taste Fur Murder, which is the first book in author Dixie Lyle's "Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot Mystery" series.

Deirdre "Foxtrot" Lancaster is the administrative assistant to an eccentric millionairess. The estate contains an animal cemetery, and when Foxtrot begins seeing animal spirits there, it's just the beginning of her adventures. She is joined by her dead cat Tango and a ghost dog who can assume any canine shape at will.

When another member of the staff is murdered, Foxtrot knows her boss was the main target, and she begins investigating, with the help of Tango and Tiny.

This was a cute story. I enjoyed Foxtrot's interactions with Tango and Tiny, along with the other animal spirits she encountered. Secondary characters were portrayed well, and it will be interesting to see how they interact in future stories. While the overall tone of the book was light, there were some scenes that provided plenty of thrills. I am anxious to read more!

Four stars:



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