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Before supper, I finished the book Wicked Circle by Linda Robertson. It's part of her "Persephone Alcmedi" series.

Once again, the story picked up almost where the previous book ended. Seph's lover, the werewolf Johnny, is about to be recognized as the vaunted Domn Lup. On the other side of the coin, the vampire Menessos, whom Seph has formed a bond with, is about to be subjected to the merciless, truth-seeking shabbubitum. The group is comprised of three powerful and dangerous vampire sisters, whom Menessos once imprisoned in stone.

Compounding problems is the fact that Seph is still coming to terms with reconnecting with her mother, she has a ritual to perform for Johnny's pack, and Menessos sends to her a guardian who is not quite what he seems. When Persephone finds herself the target of the shabbubitum, she may not live long enough to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

This story was full-on, non-stop action, much like the others have been. However, the author skipped around far too much with points of view. Persephone is in first person pov, but then it switches to third person pov for several other characters, including Johnny, Menessos, and even another vampire and the leader of the shabbubitum. It was really too much. If the author was going to present so many various povs, she should have kept all of them in third person. Also, there wasn't much in the way of resolution at the end. Each book has ended on a bit of a cliffie, but previous stories at least had resolution for the main story line. This one did not.

Favorite line: "Drive the Slut home."

Not real pleased with this installment--average score:

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Last night, I read the rest of Arcane Circle, by Linda Robertson. It's the fourth book in her series about witch Persephone Alcmedi.

Once again, this book picked up right where the last one left off. That's both exciting and exhausting, methinks! I wonder if poor Persephone ever gets a chance to rest.

Seph is in the midst of trying to settle and house dozens of magical creatures that elected to stay with her after the battle with the fae. In addition, she's also trying to plan a birthday party for her ward, Beverly. To compound things, the ruler of the werewolves is on his way from Romania, intending to see for himself if it's true that Seph's boyfriend, Johnny, is truly the Domn Lup of all werewolves. Unfortunately for Johnny, his magic has been bound in a series of magical tattoos that he has no memory of receiving.

Now, Seph and Johnny must prepare to meet with the Rege, while at the same time trying to figure out a way to unlock Johnny's powers as the Domn Lup. Throw in a jealous rival or two, narrow-minded parents, and a blast from Persephone's past, and this story careened along at a fast pace. Love it!

Favorite line: She must have decided we should have a side of Raucous with Ear-Splitting sauce - because she was being anything but quiet.

Least favorite line: Hours later, I awoke to the ward alarming in my head. The clock read eleven-eleven.

Five of five!

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Just finished reading Fatal Circle, which is the third book in author Linda Robertson's series about ascending witch Persephone Alcmedi.

The story picked up right where the previous book left off, as in, literally the day after. I find I like that!

After killing a royal faerie in self-defense and being recognized as the Lustrata, Persephone has no time to rest and reflect. Two of the three remaining faeries are demanding that the witches turn over the vampire Menessos, whom Seph is bonded to. In addition, her werewolf boyfriend Johnny has been pushed into outing himself as the Domn Lup of prophecy.

In an effort to protect Seph's grandmother and foster daughter, she and the Eldrenne witch conspire to make it appear that a rift has formed between Persephone and the witches' council. Since few know the truth, Seph is in danger of being Bindspoken, which is how a witch is cut off from her own power. To prevent it, Persephone must exchange pieces of her soul with both Johnny and Menessos.

In the meantime, the faeries have given the witches a deadline to deliver Menessos to them, and Persephone and her allies have very little time to prepare.

This was a fantastic story, although darker than the previous two. I am anxious to read more in the series.

Five clovers!

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I just finished reading Hallowed Circle by Linda Robertson. It's the second book in her series about solitary witch Persephone Alcmedi.

This book picks up shortly after the first left off. Seph is learning to live with the stain she carries from being marked by master vampire Menessos, while also adjusting to werewolf Johnny living in her home. One of the local witches nominates Persephone for the recently vacated post of High Priestess. Seph has no ambition to be High Priestess, but when she goes to the Covenstead to formally decline the nomination, she encounters an obnoxious contender and is compelled to compete, if only to knock the other woman out of the running.

In the meantime, Persephone is juggling her growing attraction to Johnny, dealing with her aging grandmother, trying to be a mother figure to her ward Beverly, and oh yes, coming to grips with the fact that she is the illustrious Lustrata of legend.

When a contestant for High Priestess is murdered at the trials, Seph finds herself trying to solve a murder even as she must compete.

I loved this book! Persephone is a marvelous heroine. While she could have come across as a Mary Sue, the author has given her flaws and foibles that simply make her all the more endearing. There are other books in the series, and I am anxious to read the rest. Must know what transpires!

Five stars:

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Since storms kept me offline last night, I used my time productively and finished reading Vicious Circle by Linda Robertson. It is the first book in her series, featuring Persephone Alcmedi.

Persephone is a witch, who lives in a rural area. She pays the bills by writing a syndicated column and kenneling werewolves on full-moon nights. When one of the werewolves, a friend of hers, is murdered, the local high priestess asks Persephone to investigate. Her inquiries put another friend in danger, and Persephone must learn to rely on Johnny, the local alpha and leader of a Goth band, for help.

I was enthralled by this book. It started out a bit slowly, but by a third of the way in, I was thoroughly engrossed. Persephone comes across as very real. She makes mistakes, and she makes amends, even at great personal cost. I am anxious to read the other books in this series.

Five stars!



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