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Between Wednesday and Thursday, I polished off Bloodshifted, which is an Edie Spence novel by Cassie Alexander.

Edie has survived a catastrophe at sea, only because uber-vampire Anna convinced another vampire, Raven, to give Edie enough blood to save her. Unfortunately, Edie is now a daytimer, bound to Raven, at least until her baby is born. At that time, she hopes that Anna will turn her, thus breaking Edie's bond with Raven. Until then, she must navigate the violent world of vampire/servant hierarchy.

Edie is taken to the Catacombs beneath LA, where she meets other vampires, daytimers, and their unwitting mortal victims. She can't even escape in sleep, because she is visited by an old, powerful vampire who claims he's being kept prisoner somewhere in the Catacombs. He promises to help Edie, if she helps him escape. Edie has no one whom she can really trust, and she must rely on her wits and her newfound strength (thanks to Raven's blood), to keep herself and her baby alive, in hopes that her fiance, Asher, and Anna will come to the rescue.

This was an engrossing page-turner. Edie's new nature as a daytimer is at complete odds with her training as a nurse, and it was fascinating to see her battle herself on many occasions.

Favorite line: My past was spooling out behind me like a ribbon and I didn't know if I'd be able to catch the end of it before it ran out.

Much better than the last book in this series. Four stars:

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It took me until 11:30 Thursday night, but I finished reading Deadshifted by Cassie Alexander. The book is part of her "Edie Spence" series, and I must say, it was my least favorite so far.

The story begins at the end, and then the author goes back and tells the tale of how Edie came to be in her present circumstances. It was a different style of writing, and I didn't particularly care for it. The premise of the book is that Edie and Asher are finally taking a vacation by going on a cruise together. Asher sees an unsavory character from his past and is convinced the man is up to no good. When passengers on the ship begin coming down with a deadly disease, even Edie begins to suspect Nathaniel of foul play.

The fact that the story was set on a ship imposed certain limitations, which is to be expected. I wasn't as engaged in the story as I've been with other books in the series. In addition, there were perplexing grammatical and editing errors that caused me to re-read certain lines two or three times to understand what the author meant to say.

While I enjoy the Edie Spence novels, this one was disappointing overall.

Three stars:

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I stayed up late last night (or early this morning!) to finish the book I began yesterday afternoon. It was Shapeshifted by Cassie Alexander, and it's the third book in her series about nurse Edie Spence.

This story was captivating from the beginning. Edie has lost her job at Y4 in County Hospital, and she's bored with her current job. She asks the Shadows for her old job back, and they tell her to find Santa Muerte for them.

Edie's search leads her to a run-down clinic in a bad part of town, where she lands a job and begins forging new friendships. The area around the clinic is caught up in a gang war, and Edie begins to suspect supernatural forces are involved.

I've enjoyed all of these books. I have one more in the series, and another is due to come out soon, so I'm set for awhile.


Five stars!

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I stayed up late last night finishing Moonshifted by Cassie Alexander. It's the second book in an urban fantasy series featuring nurse Edie Spence.

What I like about Edie is that she's not your typical heroine. She's not a supernatural creature or a mercenary or a soldier. She's just a nurse. Granted, she works in the super-secret ward that takes care of vampires, weres, et al, but Edie is just a normal woman. What sets her apart is her sense of doing what's right and her sheer stubbornness.

In this installment, Edie witnesses a hit and run, only to discover the victim is the pack leader of the local werewolves. During the same time, she's asked to represent a powerful vampire at an ascension ceremony. Both incidents put Edie into the middle of a were-war and a dissent among vampires.

While this book was as fast-paced and exciting as the first, I admit I didn't enjoy it as well. The ending left me feeling a bit...I don't know. Cheated? I'm still looking forward to more books in this series.

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On Thursday night, I finished reading Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander. It's the first in a new series featuring nurse Edie Spence.

Edie doesn't work in an ordinary ward; she works in Y4, which is in the bowels of County Hospital. There, the patients include werefolk, vampires and zombies. When Edie's mistake costs a "daytimer" his life, she is haunted by his final words: "Save Anna."

Edie goes on a quest to rescue the mysterious Anna and ends up in a heap of trouble for the effort.

The book was interesting and had a unique premise for an urban fantasy. I will definitely look for more of this series.

Four of five stars


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