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Yesterday, I brought home my book from work, and I finished it last night. It was Come Hell or High Water by Michele Bardsley, and it's part of her "Broken Heart" paranormal romance series.

In this story, vampire Phoebe can't resist a tumble with Connor, who told her he's a Ghille Dhu. What he didn't tell her is that he's half-demon, and they're now officially mated. Connor needs Phoebe's help to retrieve one half of a talisman that is essential if they're to prevent uber-demon Lillith from escaping hell to wreak havoc on earth. While Phoebe is angry at the deception, she can't help falling for Connor's charm...nor his "charms". Heh.

The book brought back familiar characters from previous installments, and it introduced some new characters that I hope to read more about in the future. As always, this was fun, sexy and delightful without being too fluffy.

Four diamonds!

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My work book got so intense on Friday that I was compelled to bring it home to finish, rather than leaving it at the office all weekend and finishing it at work.


The book was Over My Dead Body by Michelle Bardsley. It's one of her "Broken Heart" stories about single-parents-turned-vampires in Broken Heart, OK.

First off, the book began with a prologue of the ending. For the record, I don't like it when books "open at the close". It annoys me. I find it ruins some of the suspense, and I catch myself looking for clues throughout as to what led to the beginning/ending. Guh.

That aside, this was a good story. It was centered around Simone Sweet, the town's mechanic, and widowed mother of Glory. Simone is surprised with Brady Hayes begins courting her. She's also anxious, because her husband was abusive, up until the night that Simone killed him in self-defense. No one in town knows her secret. When people around Simone end up missing or dead, she finds herself under suspicion, and the truth behind the mysterious happenings is more horrible than she could have imagined.

These stories are typically "paranormal-lite", but this one was darker than the others. The underlying theme of domestic abuse made it an uncomfortable read for me. Nevertheless, it was a satisfying read, in spite of the prologue.

Four stars:

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On Tuesday, I only had two short chapters left in my work book, so I brought it home to finish reading it. The book was Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home by Michele Bardsley, and it's part of her "Broken Heart" series.

Libby Monroe and her parents are paranormal researchers. When they hear rumors of paranormal activity in Broken Heart, OK, they go to investigate. Libby gets separated from her parents, menaced by a werewolf, saved by a vampire, threatened by another vampire, saved by a zombie, and caught in the middle of a battle between dragons. Before dying, one of the vampires gives her powers to Libby.

Although shaken by her encounter, Libby can't help but be attracted to Ralph, the charming vampire who saved her. Now, however, she is not allowed to leave Broken Heart until the Council can decide what to do with her, she's fascinated by fire, and the second dragon is keen on killing her to steal the dragon powers Libby has been given.

To compound things, Ralph is a single father, Libby isn't sure where her parents are, and the entire town of Broken Heart is under siege.

I describe these books as paranormal-lite; they're fun and lighthearted, although they fall short of being pure fluff. If you're in the mood for an amusing, quick read, I recommend this series.

Four stars:

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This evening, I brought home my "work" book to finish. It was Because Your Vampire Said So by Michele Bardsley. It's the third in her "Vampires of Broken Heart" series.

This is Patsy's story. She's the town beautician, even though she was one of several Broken Heart residents who were Turned into vampires to save them after they were attacked by a rogue vampire. Patsy has bigger problems, however. Her teenage son is acting up. When Patsy's home and business are attacked, she learns she is the one foretold in prophecy to unite vampires and lycans. She also meets Gabriel, and is immediately drawn to him.

These books are what I refer to as paranormal lite. They're fun and fluffy, although there's enough tension to keep them from being silly. I have several more books in this series, and I am looking forward to reading them.

Four stars
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On my afternoon break today, I finished reading Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire by Michele Bardsley. It was the sequel to "I'm the Vampire, That's Why", and the book returns to Broken Heart, OK to pick up the story of another single-parent-turned-vampire.

In the second book, Eva finds herself falling for Lorcan, who is the vampire that went mad and killed several of the town's citizens, making it necessary for the other vampires to turn them to save them. Eva has forgiven Lorcan, and she wants him to forgive himself. As their tentative romance progresses, Eva learns of her abilities to command werekind. She is abducted and infected with the Taint and must be kept isolated from everyone, including her teenage daughter.

Again, this was a fun, light, fast-paced read with just enough drama to keep it from being too fluffy. I have a few more books in the series, and I'm looking forward to reading them.

4 stars
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I've been remiss in my book reports, alas.

Book 8 was Soulless by Gail Carriger. It's the first in the "Parasol Protectorate" series, featuring the soulless preternatural Alexia Tarabotti. Her soulless state allows Alexia to cancel the supernatural abilities of such creatures as vampires and werewolves, making her a rarity and a curiosity.

When werewolves and vampires begin disappearing around London, Alexia wants to find out why. Together with Lord Maccon, she does some investigating and becomes a target of those who are behind the mysterious disappearances.

The book was a lot of fun, and I loved the budding, bickering romance between Alexia and Lord Maccon. I can't wait to read the others in the series!

Book 9 was I'm the Vampire, That's Why by Michele Bardsley. Single mom Jessica is taking out the trash when she is attacked by a savage beast. She is saved by being Turned by vampire Patrick O'Halloran. Jessica struggles with coming to terms with her new reality and abilities, as well as how to break the news to her children. But, she wasn't the only person in town who was turned that night, and all of them are drawn into a struggle between vampire factions. Overall, the book was lighthearted and funny, but it had enough sobering moments to keep it from being a comedy fest. Again, I have other books in this series.

Finally, Book 10 is one I finished on the weekend. Dark Obsession by Amanda Stevens finds Erin Ramsey returning to New York only to find her sister's body. Megan has been killed by a vampire, but Erin doesn't believe in them. Ultimately, as she retraces Megan's steps and delves into her own memories, Erin is forced to realize the truth. Vampires exist, and one is after her. But, is it dashing detective Nick Slade, or the enigmatic playwright Roman Gerard?

This was a creepy book that gave me the chills. I enjoyed it for the most part, but certain aspects were vexing.


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