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On Wednesday night, I finished reading Cat with a Clue, which is the most recent book in author Laurie Cass' "Bookmobile Cat" mystery series.

While shelving books early one morning before the library opens, Minnie comes across a dead body. She learns the murdered woman was once a resident of Chilson and had returned to attend the funeral of a great-aunt. What Minnie doesn't know is why the woman was in the library. When the library is broken into later, followed by Minnie's beloved bookmobile getting broken into, she feels that the break-ins and the murder must be connected. The police refuse to take her suggestion seriously, which leads Minnie to begin asking questions.

In the meantime, the library board is interviewing potential candidates to fill the vacated director's post. Minnie's friends encourage her to apply, but she drags her feet, knowing that taking the job would put paid to her freedom to drive the bookmobile. As Minnie and her intrepid cat Eddie dig deeper into clues surrounding the crime spree, they both find themselves in danger.

The story had good pacing, and I enjoyed reading about familiar characters and meeting new ones, including the elegant mother of Minnie's boyfriend, Ash.

Favorite line: "He thinks your idea would be better if it involved a cat."

Good story, five stars:

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It's taken me this long to knock back my first book of the year, because the book I chose to start reading has not grabbed my attention. So yesterday, I started reading Pouncing on Murder, which is part of author Laurie Cass' "Bookmobile Cat" mystery series.

In addition to her duties as library administrator and bookmobile operator, Minnie has now been tasked with putting together the library's first-ever book fair. As if that isn't enough on her plate, she learns that a gruff neighbor has died, and that another man doesn't think it was an accident. When the second man is almost run down, Minnie begins to believe him. In the meantime, her long-distance relationship with Tucker is fizzling, leaving Minnie to wonder if it's worth it.

As her questions lead to unexpected answers, Minnie finds herself in danger. Worst of all, however, is that she may have endangered her beloved cat Eddie.

This was an enjoyable installment. There was a lot going on, which kept the pages turning. I liked reading about Minnie and the regular cast, as well as meeting new characters.

Favorite line: "...I know that feline innocence is an oxymoron. There's no such thing."

Four out of Five:

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Friday or Saturday, I finished reading Borrowed Crime by Laurie Cass. This is the third book in her delightful "Bookmobile Cat" mystery series.

Minnie, the Assistant Director of the Chilson County library and pilot of the bookmobile, is in a quandary. Funding for the bookmobile hasn't come through as planned, and she is afraid she'll have to put her pet project to bed. Minnie is also afraid of her boss learning that she takes her cat Eddie along on the bookmobile. Eddie has become quite the ambassador for the library, and the patrons all love him. However, Minnie has bigger trouble on her hands when one of the bookmobile volunteers is shot and killed at a stop on their route. Now, the man's sister is threatening to sue the library for negligence in what was originally thought to be an unfortunate hunting accident. When Eddie begins to unearth some clues, Minnie starts to suspect the man was murdered, instead. With her boss breathing down her neck, it's up to Minnie and Eddie to solve the case before anyone else checks out for good.

Best line of the book: I stood in front of the freezer section--ice cream wasn't on the list, but it never hurt to look...

Ha ha! A woman after my own heart.

I adore these cozy mysteries, and I know I'll be snapping up the next one to be released.

Five stars:

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On Thursday night (I seem to do this a lot!), I finished reading Tailing a Tabby by Laurie Cass. It's the second book in her "Bookmobile Cat" cozy mystery series, featuring librarian Minnie Hamilton and her intrepid cat Eddie.

While Minnie and Eddie are out and about in the bookmobile, a woman flags Minnie down. Her husband has suffered a stroke, and Minnie rushes him to the hospital. A few days later, the victim is discovered slumped over the body of a murdered woman. Minnie doesn't believe her new friend is guilty, and she begins asking questions and doing a little investigating on her own.

Along the way, Minnie's budding romance with Tucker suffers some hiccups, her boss wants her to deal with a dicey situation at the library, and Minnie's aunt is angsting over her botched matchmaking efforts.

The story was mostly fun and lighthearted, with a few anxious moments thrown in to keep it from being entirely too fluffy. I enjoy Eddie's purrsonality almost as much as I like Minnie. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.

Four stars:

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At work today, I finished reading Lending a Paw, which is the first in author Laurie Cass' new "Bookmobile Cat" mysteries.

Assistant librarian Minnie Hamilton has gotten a donation to make her dream of a bookmobile possible. On its first trip through the countryside, Minnie's cat Eddie stows away aboard the vehicle. At the last stop, Eddie bails out of the bookmobile and leads Minnie to discover a dead body.

When Minnie's aunt and one of her friends are implicated, Minnie takes it upon herself to do a little investigating of her own.

Eddie, of course, is smarter than your average tabby. He steers Minnie to important clues, as well as becoming her regular co-pilot on the bookmobile.

The story was cute and fun, and it kept me guessing right up to the exciting end. Can't wait to read more in this series!

Four stars:



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