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I just got home from my weekly grocery run. I also donated a bag of books to the local YWCA, and I gave a dollar to one of the Salvation Army bell ringers. I used a cloth bag at Walmart, so I was environmentally conscientious. *nods* I rewarded myself with a bag of the new holiday Doves and a groovy new bottle of nail polish called "Jaguar". Rawr!
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I've begun making out Christmas cards, and I hope to mail them by the end of the week. The house is decorated, sans the Christmas tree, but that should get put up this weekend. And, once December arrives, I'll begin listening to Christmas music. I love holiday music, but I only listen to it in December.

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Never cut your own bangs again.


Jae's Day

Nov. 27th, 2010 05:40 pm
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I spent the day with Jillian; we went to Sterling for antiquing, shopping, and lunch. I spent very little money, which is just as well. *grimace* We had a nice lunch at Applebee's, and we got our picture taken with Santa Claus! *laughs*

I may get old, but I refuse to grow up.
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Black Friday.

I didn't even leave the house. Well, except to feed the cats (twice!) and to trundle over to my parents' house for leftovers (twice!).

I'm doing a lot of my Christmas shopping at home this year. *laughs* While off work, I've been doing some major cleaning, and I've unearthed gifts I forgot I bought for people. Mom will get a beautiful piece of Longaberger pottery, and I found a set of four pub glasses I'd previously purchased for my Dad. I also found a Barbie Christmas ornament I got for my niece when she was 7. She's now 11, and I don't think she even likes Barbie any more. Le sigh.

Maybe I can foist that one off on my other niece.
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*rubs tummy* That was an excellent dinner! I had dinner with Mom and Dad, and there were only 8 of us in attendance. However, we had plenty of good food, and I even had a post-dinner nap.

Now, for turkey leftovers!

I hope all of you had a wonderful day, too!
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Amazing movie, and my how Dan, Rupert and Emma have grown as actors! I trust we'll see more of Tom in DH2.
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Eh, I'd do it for a mere $500.00. The telephone, I wouldn't miss at all. I would miss TV a little bit. Now, the internet would be painful, but I've gone on vacation before and not had access to the internet for several days.

Of course, if some intrepid researcher wished to pay me a lot more to go without these things for a week, that would be acceptable. *laughs*
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Today is laundry day. I got in the habit of doing laundry on Sundays when I was working. I guess now, however, I can do it most any day. Eh. *shrugs*

I need to get back to work; my life is boring. No "OMG, my coworkers drive me bonkers!" or "The funniest thing happened at the office today!" or "You won't believe what one of our customers tried...".

Plus, I have no money. *pouts* I'm already fretting about the cost to go see Deathly Hallows. Although, I do have quite a lot of change in one of my car's cup holders. There may be $5 to $10 worth in there. *brightens*
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hurr durr derp face - CHINESE DERPBOOK
see more Hurr

Seriously! Someone who is recovering from a cold should NOT laugh that hard.

*nearly passes out laughing once again*
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I've had my current sister and brothers for over 30 years now, so I guess I'll stick with them. They're okay. Mostly. *laughs*
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After everything that's gone wrong in the past week, I was tempted to just stay in bed today and pull the covers over my head.

It's about time some good luck came my way.


Nov. 17th, 2010 07:35 pm
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My temp assignment ended on September 9. I waited until the 27th of September to apply for unemployment benefits. As a temp, there are certain guidelines I need to follow to remain eligible for benefits, including checking in with my agency once a week.

Just so you know, the amount of benefits I get every two weeks on unemployment is approximately what I was making in one week while working. So yeah, it sucks. However, I am beginning to suspect the only company that my temp agency deals with in my area is the insurance company that I "timed out" of in September, meaning they won't be able to place me there again until the first of the year.

They brought up a possible job in a city I've been to once in my life. It would be nearly an hour's drive one way. I declined it for that reason, and now my agency is challenging my eligibility for unemployment.

This, coming on the heels of no one returning my calls for the weeks that eventually led up to my applying for unemployment.

So, now I have a "hearing" scheduled. It's to be a phone interview, but I believe I'll arrange for an in-person interview. When I signed with my current agency, I filled out paperwork, in which I specified "distance willing to travel" as 25 miles. I can produce my copy of that at the hearing.

While I feel confident about my chances, there's still a possibility that I could have my benefits terminated. And, let's face it, this isn't a situation I ever wanted to find myself in. I sure don't need this stress on top of everything else.
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I mentioned that I filled out an online application to adopt an adorable kitten from a local animal shelter. That was on Friday night. Since I didn't even receive an acknowledgment of my application, I just called the shelter.

Do you know what they told me?

"We don't adopt our pets out on a first-come, first-served basis. We wait until we have several applications for one animal so that we can choose the best possible home."

While that may sound good in theory, how long do they plan to let an animal languish in a cage while they wait for more than one person to express an interest in him?!

I am absolutely outraged.
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No word yet from the animal shelter. You'd think they could have at least extended me the courtesy of acknowledging my application. Have any of you ever adopted shelter animals? Did you get put through the wringer?

I've managed to get a nasty cold. I woke up with a sore throat, and I've been sneezing all day long. My head hurts, and I feel too warm. Fie on that.

I saw Rupert Grint on "Regis and Kelly" this morning; just watched Emma Watson on "Letterman", and Dan Radcliffe will be on "Fallon" shortly. I won't be going to the opening night of HPDH1; I don't want to deal with the crazy crowds. I'll probably go next week sometime. I've contacted my usual HP partner in crime, Twinkie, to see if she wants to go with me.
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A cat! Specifically, one of my cats. All they do all day is eat, sleep, shit and play. I tell them often enough, "Oh, for the life of a cat!"
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Well, it's a darn good thing I didn't literally sign up for NaBloPoMo this year.

Friday was a busy day, filled with shopping, and riding trolley cars and going antiquing and eating lunch at Olive Garden and finding a kitten in a shelter that I want so badly...

Wish me luck on that front, flist. This is the first time I've ever "applied" to adopt a shelter animal before, and I felt...inadequate. I know I'm a good cat!mom, but I also know some shelters like to lord it over peons like me and decline ownership.

But, OMGosh, if you could see this kitten...

*fingers itch to ruffle his fur*
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Today is a day to honor our veterans. I have family and friends who have served, are serving, or who have died in the military. Let us not forget what each service member means to our respective countries.

On the other hand, anything that involves eleven-eleven is best forgotten.
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I keep the litter box in a corner by the back door. Today, Timea rushed by me, hopped in the box, tinkled, then bounced out again on her way back to the living room to play. Apparently, she couldn't be bothered to bury it!

I suppose it's my own fault for picking fresh catnip for them. *shakes head*
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It is so nice outside today. It's in the 60's, and it feels more like September than November. It seems like we're going to skip winter completely and go right back into spring and summer!

The outside cats are basking in the sunshine, and I have one of the windows in the house cracked open for the house cats to sit by. This is cat weather, for sure!


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