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Several years ago, wee!brother, cousin Tutu and I went to "Skate with the Badgers" in Madison, WI. We got to meet the Badger hockey players and get their autographs and photos. A couple of them, Brian Rafalski and Jim Carey, went on to star in the NHL.
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I was incredibly bummed when my Pittsburgh Penguins lost in six games to the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals in June.  Tonight, the two teams met for the first time since Game 6.  The Penguins scored first, which is always a good thing in hockey, but Detroit stormed back.  At one point, the Wings had a 5-2 lead on the Pens.  However, my boys battled back to within one goal, then pulled their goaltender with time winding down.  They scored with the extra attacker on the ice to send the game into overtime, tied at six goals apiece.  Then, Pittsburgh won it in OT!  Wow!  That is an amazing comeback, and I'm so excited and proud of them! 

Any other hockey fans on my flist?  If not, what's your favorite sport?
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I name all my cars.  That makes it sound as if I have a hangar-style garage full of collector vehicles, doesn't it?  *laughs*  I own one car, and it's only the fourth car I've had in my life.  However, each has had a name.  My current car is a little, dark green Ford named Clover.  Today, I parked Clover nose-to-nose with her mirror image.  It was half amusing, half creepy.  Each time I'm out driving and see another car exactly like mine, I feel compelled to scream.  I really do!  It's mostly for amusement, but there's that tiny part of me who is afraid to look too closely, for fear I'll see myself behind the wheel of the other car.  A sort of meeting yourself coming and going type scenario.  Yes, I'm weird.  Hah!

I had a good day.  I went to Hallmark's holiday open house and bought some Christmas stuff, visited my aunt and uncle briefly, had ice cream with my friend Lucy, went to Book World and bought a dozen new books, and I got a few items at KMart, including a new bowl for Timea.  Yes, I think she'll be a house cat.  *puts head in oven*

Also, my hockey team won their game tonight, and I've had a nice nap.  A wonderful Saturday, indeed!


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