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I brought my work book home with me tonight so I could finish it. The book was Christmas Spirits, and I did begin reading it before Christmas. It's an anthology, featuring four short stories that include a ghost in some capacity. One story was a Regency, and the others were contemporary.

My favorite was "Only Fifteen Shopping Days Left..." by Elizabeth Bevarly; it's the one that made me laugh the most. The stories were mostly holiday fluff with a pinch of angst to make the endings all the sweeter. A good collection, overall, but nothing really grabbed my interest.

Three stars:

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I didn't quite make it to 25 books in 2013, but instead of scaling back my goal for 2014, I am ramping it up. My goal is to read 30!

Off to a good start...

On Thursday, I finished reading Holidays Are Hell, which is an anthology of four short, holiday stories by renowned paranormal authors.

The first story by Kim Harrison featured her well-known character Rachel Morgan. It was an interesting take on Rachel's beginnings.

The second story, by Lynsay Sands, was about a woman who was turned into a shape-shifter by a diabolical scientist who wanted to study her. It was a different take on shape-shifters, in that Jill could assume any form, including taking on the appearance of other people as well as changing into an animal. Cute love story!

The third story was by Marjorie M Liu and told of government assassin Six going up against supernatural creatures with the help of a sexy necromancer.

The final story, written by Vicki Pettersson, may have been the most gripping, but there was no HEA in it. Boo.

All in all, a good, solid collection of stories. I'll give it four stars.

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I have been remiss in my book "reports"!

I finished book #21 a few weeks ago. It was The Last Viking by Sandra Hill. It was a contemporary romance with a time-travel twist. I used to devour time-travel romances, but since I discovered paranormals, I've veered away from time-travel. However, I hung onto this book to read, because I enjoy the author. Unfortunately, this book was not as laugh out loud funny as Hill's books usually are. The story was interesting, if a bit farfetched. As if time-travel romances aren't farfetched enough, yeah? Most of them feature one of the characters going back in time, which is more plausible to me than someone coming forward, and that was the premise of this book. Viking warrier Rolf Ericsson travels from the tenth century into present day Meredith's life. The author used a bit of magic to ease the language barrier. One of her amusing, recurring themes throughout was that Rolf continually called Meredith "Merry Death". The plot centered around Meredith trying to fulfill her grandfather's wish to recreate a Viking longship, while Rolf was known as a master shipbuilder in his time. Some of the secondary characters and plot devices were eye-roll worthy, which lessened my enjoyment of the book. This one gets three stars.


Book #22 is one I just finished last night. It was an anthology of paranormal short stories, called Dead After Dark. The first story by Sherrilyn Kenyon was annoying, if only because the author seemed to assume I was familiar with the verse she was writing in. While I enjoy her books, I was NOT familiar with that verse, and I found it aggravating. For the most part, however, the stories were engrossing, steamy and entertaining. Four stars for this one.

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On Thursday, I finished reading an anthology of Halloween-related stories, titled Moonglow. Three of the four stories were good, the final one made me *head desk*.

Musketeer by Moonlight, by Maggie Shayne, was delightful.
Midnight Lover, by Lindsay Longford, was dark and sensual.
Shades of Moonlight, by Angie Ray, was an intriguing mystery that kept me guessing.
The Wolf Keeper, by Katherine Sutclliffe, made me want to knock on her door and punch her in the face. The story was gripping enough, but the ending was ambiguous and left me seething. Since it was the last story in the anthology, it (dis)colored my perception of the entire book.

So, thanks to Sutcliffe's late-game fumble, the book only earns 2 stars out of 5. It could have been at least 3 or even a 4 with a good performance by her, but she blew it.

*blows raspberries at author*


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