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I have Hat Club in a little over an hour, then I may go Christmas shopping with Jillian. It's cold here, with snow on the ground, but the sun is shining at least. The rest of you stay safe and warm!
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We were supposed to have our annual Hat Club Christmas this evening, but the horrid weather in the Midwest forced us to cancel. I was looking forward to seeing the girls again! For the first time, we were going to meet for dinner, rather than lunch, and I was going to wear a sparkly, beaded Jack McConnell hat. Woe.

But, better to stay home, safe, than venture out and be sorry.

We've tentatively rescheduled a lunch for next Saturday.

Jae's Day

Nov. 27th, 2010 05:40 pm
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I spent the day with Jillian; we went to Sterling for antiquing, shopping, and lunch. I spent very little money, which is just as well. *grimace* We had a nice lunch at Applebee's, and we got our picture taken with Santa Claus! *laughs*

I may get old, but I refuse to grow up.
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No word yet from the animal shelter. You'd think they could have at least extended me the courtesy of acknowledging my application. Have any of you ever adopted shelter animals? Did you get put through the wringer?

I've managed to get a nasty cold. I woke up with a sore throat, and I've been sneezing all day long. My head hurts, and I feel too warm. Fie on that.

I saw Rupert Grint on "Regis and Kelly" this morning; just watched Emma Watson on "Letterman", and Dan Radcliffe will be on "Fallon" shortly. I won't be going to the opening night of HPDH1; I don't want to deal with the crazy crowds. I'll probably go next week sometime. I've contacted my usual HP partner in crime, Twinkie, to see if she wants to go with me.
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Today is a day to honor our veterans. I have family and friends who have served, are serving, or who have died in the military. Let us not forget what each service member means to our respective countries.

On the other hand, anything that involves eleven-eleven is best forgotten.
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I had a good day in Naperville with my friends. I saw both a beautiful sunrise this morning, and a spectacular sunset in the evening. Saw some gorgeous hats in an antique shop, but they were out of my (limited) price range today. Le sigh.

We had perfect weather for a fall outing, and the Riverwalk was gorgeous!
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I just got home from having supper with my friend Lynne. We're both poor, so we met at Taco Bell. *laughs* We used to work together, and I miss seeing her. Now, we're lucky to get together two or three times a year.

On the way home, I had to brake for a cat, a raccoon, a deer, a possum, and another small animal that I didn't see closely enough to determine what it was. Sheesh.

Tomorrow is a trip to Naperville with Jillian and Marsha. I hope we don't freeze our assets.
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...or did LJ crap out on everyone last night?  Good thing I always make my NaBlo posts early, so I had time to still make an entry for today! 

I haven't seen Pepe le Pew since that one sighting and smelling, but I had a possum in the yard last night when I went to feed my cats.  Stupid thing.  My friend Twinkie stopped by late (she's a night owl, too!) to pick up the Longaberger basket she ordered from me in October.  We chatted for a bit, and she got to play with Timea. 

Locally, gas is down to about $1.79 a gallon at its cheapest.  What is it around all of you?
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I name all my cars.  That makes it sound as if I have a hangar-style garage full of collector vehicles, doesn't it?  *laughs*  I own one car, and it's only the fourth car I've had in my life.  However, each has had a name.  My current car is a little, dark green Ford named Clover.  Today, I parked Clover nose-to-nose with her mirror image.  It was half amusing, half creepy.  Each time I'm out driving and see another car exactly like mine, I feel compelled to scream.  I really do!  It's mostly for amusement, but there's that tiny part of me who is afraid to look too closely, for fear I'll see myself behind the wheel of the other car.  A sort of meeting yourself coming and going type scenario.  Yes, I'm weird.  Hah!

I had a good day.  I went to Hallmark's holiday open house and bought some Christmas stuff, visited my aunt and uncle briefly, had ice cream with my friend Lucy, went to Book World and bought a dozen new books, and I got a few items at KMart, including a new bowl for Timea.  Yes, I think she'll be a house cat.  *puts head in oven*

Also, my hockey team won their game tonight, and I've had a nice nap.  A wonderful Saturday, indeed!

Old friends

Nov. 8th, 2008 12:09 am
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I had dinner at Applebee's with my friend Lynne tonight.  We used to work together at the life insurance company that laid all of us off six years ago.  One of the best parts about working there was the office closed at noon on Fridays, and each week, Lynne and I would have lunch together.  We'd usually go to a fast-food place like Burger King or Taco Bell.  Every now and then we'd go to Pizza Hut, and if we were both feeling wealthy, we'd eat at Applebee's or the Esquire--some place nice where you got to sit down and be waited on.  Now, Lynne and I work in different small cities, and we hardly ever see one another.  We only manage about twice a year any more, and that makes me sad.  She's also raising a grandson now, and that makes it difficult for her to get away.  I miss her.

My friend Lucy used to work at the insurance company, too.  She and I still email one another every day.  When I worked at the title company and had an hour for lunch, we used to meet up every now and then.  With only half an hour lunch where I now temp, there's no time to run out and meet up with someone.  However, I'm going into town Saturday, and I asked Lucy to meet me for ice cream at Dairy Queen.  I haven't seen her since August, so I'm looking forward to it. 

New friends are always nice, but old friends are to be cherished


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