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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve (already!), and I will have much family bonding all weekend. My sister isn't coming home until next week, and our immediate family will do our Christmas then.

Hard to believe there's barely a week left in the year! I hope 2011 is better for all of us.
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Black Friday.

I didn't even leave the house. Well, except to feed the cats (twice!) and to trundle over to my parents' house for leftovers (twice!).

I'm doing a lot of my Christmas shopping at home this year. *laughs* While off work, I've been doing some major cleaning, and I've unearthed gifts I forgot I bought for people. Mom will get a beautiful piece of Longaberger pottery, and I found a set of four pub glasses I'd previously purchased for my Dad. I also found a Barbie Christmas ornament I got for my niece when she was 7. She's now 11, and I don't think she even likes Barbie any more. Le sigh.

Maybe I can foist that one off on my other niece.
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*rubs tummy* That was an excellent dinner! I had dinner with Mom and Dad, and there were only 8 of us in attendance. However, we had plenty of good food, and I even had a post-dinner nap.

Now, for turkey leftovers!

I hope all of you had a wonderful day, too!
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I've had my current sister and brothers for over 30 years now, so I guess I'll stick with them. They're okay. Mostly. *laughs*
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Today is a day to honor our veterans. I have family and friends who have served, are serving, or who have died in the military. Let us not forget what each service member means to our respective countries.

On the other hand, anything that involves eleven-eleven is best forgotten.
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Timea got a wee bit rowdy this morning, but nothing like yesterday.  I slept in waaaaay late, although I probably needed the sleep.  I had a spectacularly unproductive day; however, I'm not going to stress about it. 

Tomorrow (later today!), I'll go with my parents to a second Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's home.  She lives on a dairy farm, so I'll haul Flat!Niece along with me again for photo ops.  Cousin TJ and I were laughing about it at Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  He works at a police station, and he said if I brought Flat!Niece there, we could take a picture of her in the booking room.  What a hoot! 

Although this is my final NaBlo entry, I may post to this journal in the future.  As mentioned before, feel free to tag me for memes on this account so I have an excuse to post here.  *laughs*  Er, please refrain from doing so in December, however.  I'm going to be crazy-busy with fics and drabbles in December.  I can do it; hear me roar!

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Thanksgiving was celebrated in Wisconsin this year.  Typically, the day is spent with my mother's side of the family, and this year was no exception.  Usually, Mom's stepbrother and his family do the traveling, but this time we all made the trek north to spend the day at their house.  We had turkey and dressing, corn, mashed potatoes, salads and more food than you can shake a fork at!  Dessert was pumpkin or peach pie, and we also had a birthday cake to enjoy. 

My cousin and I played Jenga after dinner, and I ruled!  She lost all three rounds, although to be fair, the cat caused the first collapse when it was her turn.  *laughs* 

I took along my niece's Flat Stanley so I could get photos of it in Wisconsin for her. 

I'm looking forward to having the day off on Friday, especially since it's Friday already and I have yet to go to bed.  Headed there now! 
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My uncle came to my house today to help me paint one of the bedrooms.  Painting is something he doesn't mind doing, and since he's retired, he likes to pitch in and help.  He tackled the ceiling, and I painted the walls, and it turned out quite well.  The walls could probably use another coat, and I still have to paint the inside of the closet, but the worst of it is done.  I'll need to buy carpet for that room and then I can "move" into that room and establish it as my bedroom.  I'm debating on whether I should keep the cats out of it or not.  On the one hand, I enjoy a furry body (or four!) on the bed at night, but on the other hand, I could do without the fur. 

Decisions, decisions.  And expenses, expenses!

By the way, several years ago, I helped handyman brother on two painting projects and earned $10.00 an hour to do so.  At least my uncle didn't hand me a bill for his time!  *laughs*

An odd day

Nov. 22nd, 2008 03:17 am
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It's been an interesting day.  We had breakfast pizza at work, because one person was leaving us.  I found out later that the gal who sits across from me was leaving, too!  Apparently, she turned in her resignation yesterday.  She was getting rid of some of the things at her desk, including some leftover Halloween candy, and I snagged a box of Milk Duds.  While eating them, I broke a tooth!  *wails in despair*  That's never happened to me before!  Gah!  I once lost a baby tooth while eating a Starburst, but that was long ago.  So, a trip to the dentist looms in my near future.  Damn. 

I had to make a run to Walmart after work to get some things to paint with, then I came straight home and completely forgot to detour into the small town where my bank is located so I could get cash from the ATM.  It's hell to get old, I tell you. 

I had supper with Mom and Dad, chewing very carefully all the while.  My tooth doesn't hurt at all, and it's just a small piece that broke off, but now I'm half afraid to eat anything.  I could stand to lose some weight anyway, I guess.

I had an epic nap, which meant I was late posting a birthday!fic for a friend, plus I had to retrieve my holiday fest fic from beta, tweak it and submit it.  Wouldn't you know Old Faithful here chose tonight to be all wonky and slow?  Slower than normal, I should say.  Several times, I had to simply disconnect from the internet and reconnect just so I could proceed. 

I'm going to bed.  Blah.
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After stewing about the Christmas situation all day, I called my sister tonight and flat out told her that I was hurt and dismayed to have been excluded from what should have been a family discussion/decision.  She apologized, but I'm not sure she really gets just how upsetting that was.  My family has always been close, so I suppose that's why I am so baffled and bewildered and hurt to be left out like that.  I guess I'm also angry that neither of my brothers spoke up on my behalf and said, 'hey, we need to include everyone'

This has really taken some of the luster of Christmas away for me.  I know that sounds childish, and I also know I'll get over it eventually, but right now?  Yeah, still hurt.  Thanks for all your kind, understanding words, everyone.

Finally, if the LJ server move ends up in more down time than they anticipate and I cannot meet my NaBlo commitment for the 19th, heads will roll!


Nov. 17th, 2008 12:56 am
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My sister called this evening.  She wanted to tell me that her daughter is doing the Flat Stanley project at school, and that Stanley is going to be sent to me to cart around and take pictures of in various places and engaged in various activities.  That sounds like fun, and I'm happy to help out.

However, my sister also casually mentioned that while she was down for wee brother's birthday a couple weeks ago, the rest of the family drew names for Christmas when I wasn't there.  To get the full effect of this, you need some background:

In late October, she emailed me and said she thought we should draw names for Christmas.  She did acknowledge the fact that she knew I'd been shopping for gifts since July.  Her solution to that situation was that everyone could buy me something while the rest of them drew names.  I protested for four reasons:

1. It was two months before Christmas!
2. It didn't seem fair that I would get a bunch of gifts, while the others would get just what I'd bought them plus one.
3. Drawing names wasn't the only solution; it was one solution that could be suggested.
4. The entire family should be involved in the decision; not just one bossy eldest daughter.

So, to find out now that they went ahead and did this behind my back makes me livid.  I understand that money is tight all around; I really do.  However, I wanted to discuss the situation as a family and make a decision that the majority found appealing.  What really makes me angry is that they did this when I wasn't there.  Why not say, ' Hey let's discuss this while we're all here'?  I feel incredibly hurt to have been left out.  Plus, it's been two weeks and just now someone has the balls to tell me what they did?  Thanks a lot.
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I name all my cars.  That makes it sound as if I have a hangar-style garage full of collector vehicles, doesn't it?  *laughs*  I own one car, and it's only the fourth car I've had in my life.  However, each has had a name.  My current car is a little, dark green Ford named Clover.  Today, I parked Clover nose-to-nose with her mirror image.  It was half amusing, half creepy.  Each time I'm out driving and see another car exactly like mine, I feel compelled to scream.  I really do!  It's mostly for amusement, but there's that tiny part of me who is afraid to look too closely, for fear I'll see myself behind the wheel of the other car.  A sort of meeting yourself coming and going type scenario.  Yes, I'm weird.  Hah!

I had a good day.  I went to Hallmark's holiday open house and bought some Christmas stuff, visited my aunt and uncle briefly, had ice cream with my friend Lucy, went to Book World and bought a dozen new books, and I got a few items at KMart, including a new bowl for Timea.  Yes, I think she'll be a house cat.  *puts head in oven*

Also, my hockey team won their game tonight, and I've had a nice nap.  A wonderful Saturday, indeed!
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We had a big family breakfast this morning around 9:30am. My mother scrambled eggs, fried bacon and made pancakes. Wicked sister got on the road with her entourage shortly thereafter, and my brother and his family headed home, followed by one cousin who had stayed the night at the homestead. Wee brother didn't leave until this evening, but he was at Mom and Dad's napping most of the day.

I spent the day doing load after load of laundry, because I was a lazy cow and only did one load last weekend. Sheesh. I still have to fold it all. Blah.

The weekend was crazy and busy, but a lot of fun. My extended family is very close, so it's always nice when we can get together.

Have a good week, everyone!
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Wow, what a party! We had people in costume, lots of good food and drink, and we even had fireworks!

I wore a purple princess-y type costume, and my sister was wearing a red one, so we looked a bit like the Bobbsie Twits. *laughs* Wee brother was simply dressed in a natty suit, and his fiancee was a mummy. My father got the biggest laugh of the night. He was wearing a ridiculous blond wig and said he was dressed as my sister! Cousin TJ came dressed as The Crow, which was appropriate because wee brother has always been fascinated with that movie. Cousin Boo Boo came as a clown, cousin Tutu came as a prisoner complete with orange jump suit and handcuffs, and her sister Vern was dressed as a police officer. One niece was dressed as a vampire and the other niece like Tinkerbell.

Later in the evening, after my father had ditched the wig, we badgered other people into putting it on for photo opportunities. The funniest/creepiest was when TJ, aka The Crow, put that blond wig on with his made-up face. It half made you laugh, half weirded you out.

My uncle had brought some fireworks, and I'm not talking sparklers and bottle rockets. No, these were the big aerial displays you'd see towns and cities setting off.

After most of the company had left, the last group of us sat around Mom and Dad's dining room table telling stories, as all good Irish families do. So, it was a fun time, and we still had quite nice weather for it. We'll have a big family breakfast on Sunday morning to see my sister off, and then maybe I can finally get to relax Sunday afternoon.


Nov. 1st, 2008 02:12 am
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Happy (belated) Halloween! It's now officially November, which kicks off what I hope will be a successful month of NaBloPoMo.

We had weirdly warm and wonderful weather today for the end of October. I had to spend it indoors at work. Boo, indeed. My only concession to the holiday was wearing my Mad City Monsters hockey jersey. *grins*

The evening was spent watching a lot of Ghost Hunters live, and I just finished watching Ghost Adventures. I managed some family bonding in there, as well. It's the wee brother's birthday weekend, and we're having a gathering of the clan. His party is Saturday night, and a lot of people will be coming in costume, so I'll post about that next time. Until then, ciao!


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