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On the twelfth day of Christmas, chez_jae sent to me...
Twelve shesdeadjims drumming
Eleven jejo763s piping
Ten phoenixsong71s a-blogging
Nine xanaterias writing
Eight scotlandaussies a-reading
Seven pittsburgh penguins a-shopping
Six cats a-scrapbooking
Five gho-o-o-ost hunters
Four cozy mysteries
Three ghost adventures
Two vintage hats
...and a chocolate in a sci-fi/fantasy.
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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve (already!), and I will have much family bonding all weekend. My sister isn't coming home until next week, and our immediate family will do our Christmas then.

Hard to believe there's barely a week left in the year! I hope 2011 is better for all of us.
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I've begun making out Christmas cards, and I hope to mail them by the end of the week. The house is decorated, sans the Christmas tree, but that should get put up this weekend. And, once December arrives, I'll begin listening to Christmas music. I love holiday music, but I only listen to it in December.


Jae's Day

Nov. 27th, 2010 05:40 pm
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I spent the day with Jillian; we went to Sterling for antiquing, shopping, and lunch. I spent very little money, which is just as well. *grimace* We had a nice lunch at Applebee's, and we got our picture taken with Santa Claus! *laughs*

I may get old, but I refuse to grow up.
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Black Friday.

I didn't even leave the house. Well, except to feed the cats (twice!) and to trundle over to my parents' house for leftovers (twice!).

I'm doing a lot of my Christmas shopping at home this year. *laughs* While off work, I've been doing some major cleaning, and I've unearthed gifts I forgot I bought for people. Mom will get a beautiful piece of Longaberger pottery, and I found a set of four pub glasses I'd previously purchased for my Dad. I also found a Barbie Christmas ornament I got for my niece when she was 7. She's now 11, and I don't think she even likes Barbie any more. Le sigh.

Maybe I can foist that one off on my other niece.
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I love all the old Rankin-Bass children's classics: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Year Without a Santa Claus, and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!
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Work was slow this week. If you've ever been scrambling for do at work, you know that it's actually more stressful than being bombarded by things to do. As a temp, it worries me, because my assignment at this company may be nearing an end. That wouldn't necessarily be so bad, but damn, the pay is good there. I'd hate to get reassigned somewhere else for three dollars less per hour.

The cats have been driving me bonkers. Timea had a bout of sickness that necessitated me having to buy de-worming medicine. Not her fault, but it was not pleasant to deal with. She's feeling better now, which is good, but she's back to her wicked ways. Who wants a kitten for Christmas? *laughs*

I still have so much to do to get ready for Christmas. My goodness. Can't believe it's less than two weeks away now.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend, everyone!
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I love Christmas music, I truly do, and it's all I listen to for the entire month of December.  From the first through the thirty-first, all I will listen to are my Christmas CDs and Christmas music on the radio and through my satellite television at home.  One local radio station has traditionally played all Christmas music from Black Friday through Christmas, and I recently learned a second station is jumping on the holiday music bandwagon.  However, this second station is already playing Christmas music!  I'm like, "Aaargh!  Not until December!"  *laughs* 

I just purchased a Sarah Brightman holiday music CD, and rumor has it Enya is coming out with one this year, as well.  I can't wait until December to listen to them!


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