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Maia just ate a fur-pat. It wasn't even hers; it was Annalise's.

There was a little wad of gray fur on the floor, and she came along and sniffed at it. It stuck to her muzzle, and she simply lipped it up and ate it. I made a move to get it off of her face, but she dashed out of my reach.

Cats can be so stupid.
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My cat did have thumbs, and he was a hell of a good mouser.

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I had an enormous moth fluttering against my kitchen window last night. Briefly. As I was contemplating opening the window to allow the moth to land on my screen, I heard a thump-thump...and no more moth. I stepped out on the porch and found Brinleigh in the yard, illuminated by the light coming from the window. She had Mothra in her mouth and was warning the other cats away from her prize.

I confess I felt a bit bad. We don't get large, interesting moths around here often. I'm glad it wasn't in my house, however. It was almost the size of the bat that Annalise caught!

In summation: Brinleigh 1, Mothra 0
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It is freakishly hot here today--in the 80's. Thunderstorms are looming, and the ground is still damp from earlier rain.

I took advantage of the weather to haul all the cats outside, even Annalise! Of course, this meant wrestling five cats into their harnesses, snapping leashes on them and attaching said leashes to ones that are permanently tied outside.

I found an extra harness, thank goodness, and I used that one on Timea since she grew a bit more. The smallest harness ended up on Annalise with a lot less fuss than I had anticipated. However, I was short a leash. Instead, I had to find a bit of corded string to tie to Annalise's harness. I sat out there with her and kept an eye on things.

Taj took a nap beneath the bare branches of my lilac bush (where he still is). Seamus ate grass and horked it up within five minutes of coming back in. Tau seemed more interested in sidewinding me than in enjoying his time outside. Timea hunkered down and growled at everything and nothing. Annalise sniffed around a bit, but she did more hissing than anything else.

*rolls eyes*

Hope you all are having nice weekends!
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I've had Annalise for a week now. No, she's not the kitten I wanted to adopt from the shelter, but things seem to have worked out. Annalise is settling into the household, romping and cuddling with the other cats. She was a breeze to litter train, and I swear she's gotten bigger in the week I've had her. I am edging closer to official Crazy Cat Lady status. Ay, me.
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I mentioned that I filled out an online application to adopt an adorable kitten from a local animal shelter. That was on Friday night. Since I didn't even receive an acknowledgment of my application, I just called the shelter.

Do you know what they told me?

"We don't adopt our pets out on a first-come, first-served basis. We wait until we have several applications for one animal so that we can choose the best possible home."

While that may sound good in theory, how long do they plan to let an animal languish in a cage while they wait for more than one person to express an interest in him?!

I am absolutely outraged.
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No word yet from the animal shelter. You'd think they could have at least extended me the courtesy of acknowledging my application. Have any of you ever adopted shelter animals? Did you get put through the wringer?

I've managed to get a nasty cold. I woke up with a sore throat, and I've been sneezing all day long. My head hurts, and I feel too warm. Fie on that.

I saw Rupert Grint on "Regis and Kelly" this morning; just watched Emma Watson on "Letterman", and Dan Radcliffe will be on "Fallon" shortly. I won't be going to the opening night of HPDH1; I don't want to deal with the crazy crowds. I'll probably go next week sometime. I've contacted my usual HP partner in crime, Twinkie, to see if she wants to go with me.
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A cat! Specifically, one of my cats. All they do all day is eat, sleep, shit and play. I tell them often enough, "Oh, for the life of a cat!"
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Well, it's a darn good thing I didn't literally sign up for NaBloPoMo this year.

Friday was a busy day, filled with shopping, and riding trolley cars and going antiquing and eating lunch at Olive Garden and finding a kitten in a shelter that I want so badly...

Wish me luck on that front, flist. This is the first time I've ever "applied" to adopt a shelter animal before, and I felt...inadequate. I know I'm a good cat!mom, but I also know some shelters like to lord it over peons like me and decline ownership.

But, OMGosh, if you could see this kitten...

*fingers itch to ruffle his fur*
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I keep the litter box in a corner by the back door. Today, Timea rushed by me, hopped in the box, tinkled, then bounced out again on her way back to the living room to play. Apparently, she couldn't be bothered to bury it!

I suppose it's my own fault for picking fresh catnip for them. *shakes head*
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It is so nice outside today. It's in the 60's, and it feels more like September than November. It seems like we're going to skip winter completely and go right back into spring and summer!

The outside cats are basking in the sunshine, and I have one of the windows in the house cracked open for the house cats to sit by. This is cat weather, for sure!
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What the hey, I may as well do NaBloPoMo here again, seeing as I'm online most every day anyway.

Today has been vexing. I went to Farm & Fleet for cat food and cat litter. I bought two different bags of litter--one clumping and one non-clumping. The cashier scanned the clumping bag twice, which was a dollar more than the other. I had already paid for my purchases using my debit card, when I brought the error to her attention. She re-scanned the cheaper brand of litter, had me pay for it, then instructed me to go to customer service for a credit on the incorrect receipt. Long story short, I ended up getting a cash refund, which was fine. Such a foofarah, however! But, all was accomplished with polite civility. No need to get all belligerent and excited about an honest mistake.

Tau got whupped with a flyswatter for picking on his sister. It's not so much that he was picking on her, it's that he didn't cease and desist when I told him to. And, I told him twice. That's one more warning than the cats normally get. When he wouldn't let up after I yelled at him the second time, I snapped and took a flyswatter to his furry rump. I think he was trying to assert his dominance over Timea, but Tau seemed to have forgotten just who the alpha bitch is in this household. He remembers now.

Other than running errands and swatting cats, I took down all the Halloween decorations, dusted, put out new autumn-y decorations, and I did the laundry. I still have dishes lurking in the sink. Blah.
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If I have to clean up cat yacks one more time tonight, someone is going to be getting a cat in the mail.
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Work was slow this week. If you've ever been scrambling for do at work, you know that it's actually more stressful than being bombarded by things to do. As a temp, it worries me, because my assignment at this company may be nearing an end. That wouldn't necessarily be so bad, but damn, the pay is good there. I'd hate to get reassigned somewhere else for three dollars less per hour.

The cats have been driving me bonkers. Timea had a bout of sickness that necessitated me having to buy de-worming medicine. Not her fault, but it was not pleasant to deal with. She's feeling better now, which is good, but she's back to her wicked ways. Who wants a kitten for Christmas? *laughs*

I still have so much to do to get ready for Christmas. My goodness. Can't believe it's less than two weeks away now.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend, everyone!
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Timea got a wee bit rowdy this morning, but nothing like yesterday.  I slept in waaaaay late, although I probably needed the sleep.  I had a spectacularly unproductive day; however, I'm not going to stress about it. 

Tomorrow (later today!), I'll go with my parents to a second Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's home.  She lives on a dairy farm, so I'll haul Flat!Niece along with me again for photo ops.  Cousin TJ and I were laughing about it at Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  He works at a police station, and he said if I brought Flat!Niece there, we could take a picture of her in the booking room.  What a hoot! 

Although this is my final NaBlo entry, I may post to this journal in the future.  As mentioned before, feel free to tag me for memes on this account so I have an excuse to post here.  *laughs*  Er, please refrain from doing so in December, however.  I'm going to be crazy-busy with fics and drabbles in December.  I can do it; hear me roar!

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Timea nearly died this morning, because I was this close to killing her.  After not going to bed until about 5:15am, it was less than three hours later that she decided to become a complete shit.  She kept coming in my bedroom, messing around in things and making noise.  I'd sit up and yell, and she'd scamper out, only to return again.  When I had had enough, I flung myself out of bed, chased her all over the house until I caught her, then tossed her in the bathroom and closed the door.  I then went back to bed, where I did finally manage to fall back to sleep.  And before you ask, no, I don't have a door to my bedroom. 

When I went outside later to feed the cats out there, I took a walk into the pasture in search of some green catnip.  I found a small patch and picked four sprigs to bring to Taj, Seamus, Tau and Timea.  It was her first time with catnip, and she got all silly with it! 

So, I'm not a complete ogre, and she's not a complete shit, which I guess makes us even.
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Taj was sitting next to me earlier this evening, talking at me and flicking the end of his tail.  Timea happened to see that intriguing movement, and she crouched down and began her stalk.  I actually sat there and said, "Don't do it, kitten!  Don't do it!"  Alas, she did.  Timea grabbed the end of Taj's tail, and he hissed and whirled and boxed her ears three times before she could get away.  *laughs*  I tried to warn her.  Taj is rather disdainful of her anyway, and he has those gigantic paws with all those extra toes and claws...And for an old geezer, his paws are lightning-quick.  *nods*

Since tomorrow (okay, today technically) is a holiday, I get to sleep in an extra couple of hours, which would mean I can stay up an extra couple hours, too.  Unfortunately, I'm tired right now.  What the...?  That's not fair!  I guess if I'm getting whiny about it, I should get to bed, huh?

Lazy day

Nov. 24th, 2008 01:37 am
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I've had a quiet day, so nothing interesting and glamorous to write about.  Sorry.  Ha ha ha!  I slept in quite late, which felt great by the way, and I got my laundry done.  Otherwise, I played online and harassed the cats.  Timea got in trouble last night for knocking a nearly full glass of tea over where it was resting on a coaster on my end table.  Gah!  Remind me again why I brought a kitten in the house?  She runs around like a fart in a frying pan, and when she's not doing that, she's sleeping.  It's like she has only two speeds! 

This will be a short work week for me, which is nice, but I won't get paid for both days off.  I think my temp agency will reimburse me for Thanksgiving day, but I'm not counting on getting paid for Friday.  Still, a four-day weekend will be so welcome. 

Have a good week, everyone!
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I organized a Longaberger order for the month of October, and when I got home today a big box of Longaberger products was waiting for me.  Too bad not all of the stuff is mine!  *laughs*  Longaberger always packs their items in a lot of paper, so I flung all the papers on the floor to get to the goods inside.  You can guess what happened next.

The cats had a field day in all that paper!  They jumped in it, hid under it, wrestled on name it.  Timea and Tau loved it, and even Seamus got in on the act.  Only Taj didn't seem impressed by all the paper.  My living room looked like Christmas had arrived early.  Ha ha!  I just now tossed the paper back in the box, and the cats were all looking on quite sadly.  Heh.
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Don't know how much longer my good-paying assignment at the insurance company will last as things are slowing down. I'd like to think I can keep my current "job" at least through the end of the year.  My father is worried that his hours may be cut to four days a week at the factory where he works.  Guh.  The economy is tough all around.  Are the rest of you doing okay, job-wise? 

My legs look like I've been hiking naked through the thorns.  I haven't, I assure you.  Rather, I have a spastic kitten in the house, and she has sharp claws and a propensity for trying to scale me like a tree.  Yowch!

I napped earlier.  I meant to sleep about half an hour.  Instead, I slept two hours.  What the...?  I guess I needed the sleep, but it didn't help me in my quest to get caught up with online things.  Curses. 

Have a happy hump day, everyone!


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