Jun. 3rd, 2017

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Earlier this evening, I finished reading the ebook Deadly Intent, which is the first book in author Kate Allenton's "Linked Inc" series.

Quinn Thatcher and her sisters have formed a company called Linked Inc, which enables them to use their psychic abilities to help others. Quinn can see and communicate with spirits. The ghost of a Scotsman badgers her until she agrees to collect a precious jewel from his grave and return it to the Menzie Clan in Scotland. Quinn plans to deliver the jewel and return home. She arrives to find Collin Menzie and his friend, Ian McDougall, reenacting their clans' infamous battle over the missing gem. Quinn marches into the fray, hands the emerald off to Collin, and sweeps off again.

Collin, however, is determined to find out more about the mysterious American beauty and how she came to be in possession of the emerald. There's also the matter of an age-old curse on his family that Quinn's presence has set into motion.

When Quinn's pilot becomes deathly ill, she is forced to stay in Scotland longer than she wanted to. She reluctantly agrees to become a guest in Collin's ancestral home, where she learns that her part in events, both past, present, and future, has already been foretold. Quinn and Collin must join forces to find out who has tried to harm Quinn, as well as lay the curse to rest.

A very interesting read. I was quite taken with it. Quinn is feisty and smart, and she has no qualms about taking Collin to her bed. What she didn't count on was falling in love with him.

Favorite lines:
♦ The sound was as loud and annoying as a foghorn mating with a tornado siren.
♦ "It's dangerous to stand between a woman and dessert."

Will definitely read more in this series! Four stars:



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