Mar. 19th, 2017

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Earlier this evening, I finished reading an ebook, A Gift of Ghosts, which is the first in author Sarah Wynde's "Tassamara" series.

Physicist Akira Malone is hiding a secret--she can see and speak to ghosts. As a scientist, however, she makes her living with things that can be measured and researched and proven. Akira has convinced herself that ghosts are merely residual energy. She avoids them when she can, but that all changes when she accepts a job in the small town of Tassamara. Here, paranormal is the norm. The town is filled with psychics, and a medium in their midst isn't unusual. Akira is utterly astounded by the laid-back atmosphere she finds herself in. Akira rents a haunted home, and the car she leases is haunted by the nephew of her new boss, Zane Latimer.

For his part, Zane isn't sure he believes in mediums, even though he has abilities of his own. However, when Akira consistently proves herself, in spite of her own instinct to keep her talent hidden, he can't help but begin to believe in her, and to find himself attracted to her feisty spirit. The two of them begin a relationship, but neither is willing to commit, until Akira's life is threatened by a dangerous ghost...who just happens to be the spirit of Zane's mother.

This was a fantastic story, much better than a lot of other ebooks I've read. The characters were likable and relatable, including the many ghosts. Point of view switched between Akira and Zane, but it added to the story, rather than detracting from it. Akira is courageous in using her gift, even when she doesn't want to, because prior experience has shown her how dangerous in can be for her.

Favorite line: They'd fallen into conversation as easily as if they were old friends, talking about astronomy and science and Harry Potter.

Finding out that the author got her start writing fanfiction was icing on the cake. Wonderful, five stars!



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