Mar. 5th, 2017

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Finally finished reading Demons Not Included by Cheyenne McCray. It's the first book in her urban fantasy series, featuring half-Drow, half-human Tracker, Nyx.

Nyx is one of several paranormal Trackers that help protect New York from the more unsavory paranormal elements. When some of her fellow Trackers are killed by demons, while human liaisons are being abducted, it's up to Nyx and her partners to put an end to the chaos. She worries that her human coworker, Olivia, may not be able to hold her own against demons, and Nyx is also concerned for Adam, the human liaison in her territory, whom she would like to get to know better. To complicate matters, the Proctor of New York, Nyx's friend and sometime-lover, Rodan, saddles her with an unknown helper, a man named Torin. Nyx dislikes him, but she can't quite get a handle on why.

By putting together clues found at the various crime scenes, Nyx and the others discover that a master Demon is intent on opening a portal to unleash hell on earth. Now it's up to Nyx to put her life on the line to save not just New York, but all of humanity.

The story was interesting. Nyx's character was a bit baffling. At times, she was a bad-ass warrior, and other times, she came across as a whiny chit. I guess I can forgive that, based on her relative young age. At least she didn't fall into bed with sexy, infuriating Torin. That would have made me gag. I didn't like that Nyx's "working gear" consisted of leather pants and a leather corset. Seriously?! The author is a woman, and she still had her female character togged up like any straight man's wet dream, because, of course, we women are only concerned with showcasing our assets, rather than going for comfort and practicality. Good gravy.

Favorite line: I swear, if I had been drinking my Starbucks today, it would have gone up my nose.

Kind of on the fence with this one. Hm. I'll give it a three for now:



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