Feb. 8th, 2017

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Stayed up too late last night finishing Blood Bath & Beyond by Michelle Rowen. It's the first book in her "Immortality Bites" mystery series, but it features a main character who was first introduced in an earlier, paranormal romance: Bitten and Smitten.

Sarah Dearly is still getting the hang of being a vampire. Fortunately, her fiance Thierry is a master vampire, and she can learn from him. When Thierry takes a job from the Ring, whose purpose is to keep vampires on the straight and narrow to avoid outing themselves, Sarah accompanies him to Las Vegas. Thierry's first job is to confront a child vampire/beauty pageant contestant. It seems simple enough, but once they arrive, they learn that a serial killer has been draining victims of blood, a la a vampire. Thierry encounters someone from his past and they have words. When the other vampire is later murdered, it's Thierry who is the main suspect. He sends Sarah home to keep her safe, but Sarah refuses to go. She ditches at the airport and heads back to help her man.

The story was lite and fun, with just enough danger tossed in to keep it from being nothing but fluff. I had to admire Sarah's determination to help Thierry, even though the poor girl seemed to careen from one dangerous situation to another, full-tilt. In a sense, there were two mysteries to solve: that of the serial killer, and that of Bernard's murder. One was resolved in a satisfactory fashion, the other, not so much.

Favorite line: Right now, I was so far down in the dumps that the raccoons had arrived and were starting to sniff around.

Fun story. Four stars:

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In spite of having an interview today, I still managed to read Murder, She Barked, by Krista Davis. It's the first book in the "Paws & Claws" mystery series. Yet again, another series I have several books in and hadn't read any. Yikes.

Holly Miller has just lost her job, her boyfriend's ex is trying to re-enter the picture, and now she's received a call from her grandmother's best friend that Oma needs her. Holly drops everything to rush to Wagtail, VA, and the pet-friendly inn that her Oma owns there. Along the way, she picks up a dog, and witnesses a fiery explosion. Holly arrives to find out that her Oma was injured in a hit-and-run that killed the person she was with. It doesn't take Holly long to realize that Oma may have been the killer's intended target. When another person in town is murdered, Holly struggles to find a connection. In the meantime, her boyfriend proposes to her via text, then has the nerve to show up with his ex in tow, someone tries to steal Holly's new dog, she reconnects with an old crush, and her Oma seems to be keeping secrets.

I enjoyed the story. Lots of twists and turns to the plot. Characterizations were wonderful, although there was one smarmy person who gave me the willies, and one woman who needed a beat-down. I even enjoyed reading about the many pets in the story.

Favorite line: ...it was a well-known rule that all diets were off during road trips.

Good book, and I'm glad I have more to read. Four stars:



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