Feb. 4th, 2017

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Started an ebook last night and finished it this evening. It was Moon Lake Witch by Lucia Kuhl, and it's the first installment in the "Moon Lake" cozy mystery series.

Main character, Carrie, is an older woman (which I appreciate). She's an artist, who both creates and sells artwork from her three galleries, including the one in Moon Lake. Carrie has no idea she's descended from a powerful witch, until the day that her ancestor removes the "filter" on Carrie's powers, and suddenly, her casual words and thoughts are having real consequences. For instance, she calls the sheriff a pig, and he immediately turns into one. The mystery was unique, in that it involved a missing person, rather than a murder. Of course, Carrie must now use her newfound power to solve the mystery.

The writing was unsophisticated, almost painfully so. The plot was not cohesive, and the story was bizarre. In short, it was like reading something that a student wrote for a creative writing class. There was very little motive for anything that happened, and very little resolution as to the eventual culprits.

Favorite line: It had been forever since she had danced with anyone but her cat. Her cat let her lead.
Kind of chapped that we never met the cat.

In a word, blah. Two stars - one for effort, and one for NOT having the mystery be a murder.



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