Jan. 21st, 2017

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After supper, I finished reading The Cat, the Vagabond, and the Victim, which is part of author Leanne Sweeney's "Cats in Trouble" mystery series.

The small town of Mercy, SC, is descended on by the media when they discover a celebrity in their midst. The celebrity in question is Clyde, a large ginger cat who traveled 200 miles to return home to his beloved owner. When Clyde raised a ruckus, Norman Jeffrey's neighbors came to investigate, only to find the elderly man had passed away. With the local animal shelter at the center of the media storm, Jillian Hart is asked to foster Clyde in her home, in hopes that no one will discover the cat has been spirited away. Once it's revealed that Mr Jeffrey did not die of natural causes, and someone else is murdered in his home, Jillian has her hands full trying to dodge the media. Her home is broken into, and Clyde disappears again. Now, Jillian is determined to help solve the crime, if only so Clyde can get some peace in his life.

Police investigation, and Jillian's own questioning, reveal that Mr Jeffrey's family was fractured, with siblings and cousins not speaking to one another for years. Someone, however, must have known that Mr Jeffrey had amassed a small fortune, and now everyone is coming out of the woodwork, wanting a piece of the pie.

The identity of the killer caught me off guard, but I did figure several things out early. There were still plenty of twists and turns to the plot to surprise me, and it was certainly an entertaining read. Clyde was such a big moosh that I wanted to adopt him, too. Ha ha! One thing that bugged me was the break-in at Jillian's. I swear, in each of the books in this series, someone breaks into that woman's house. Really?! How many times is this going to happen?

Favorite line: "Like anyone can really possess a cat."

Good plot, solid read, and lots of cats! Five stars:



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