Jan. 20th, 2017

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On Thursday, I finished reading Sleight of Paw by Sofie Kelly. It's the second book in her "Magical Cats" mystery series.

It's the height of winter in Mayville Heights, and everyone is getting ready for Winterfest. When an old woman is run down in an alley and left to die, One of Kathleen's young friends is initially tabbed as a suspect. Kathleen knows Ruby wouldn't harm anyone, least of all Agatha, whom Ruby shared a rapport with.

Aided by her cats, Owen and Hercules, Kathleen starts doing some investigating of her own, in spite of police officer Marcus Gordon's warnings to keep her nose out of it. As Kathleen begins questioning the people she'd seen in heated discussions with Agatha, she discovers some surprising secrets about her new friends and neighbors, but nothing that seems worth killing for. Intent on uncovering the truth, Kathleen involves others in her investigation, and her cats are keen to help, too.

This was a delightful story. It didn't simply focus on the crime and the ensuing investigation; it also touched on Kathleen's daily life, from her job at the library, to her tai chi classes, to her socializing with her friends. She even talks to her cats like I do! I did figure out the killer early, but the author threw some red herrings out that made me waffle a bit in my conviction.

Favorite line: Sulking went a lot better with some chocolate.

Fantastic read, five stars!

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Since I stayed up past midnight to do it, I guess I can say I finished reading A Ghostly Reunion this morning. It's part of author Tonya Kappes' "Ghostly Southern" mystery series, featuring Betweener Emma Lee Raines.

At Emma Lee's work place, the Eternal Slumber funeral home, business has been dead. Having free time, however, allows Emma Lee to work on arranging her tenth year class reunion. No one is more surprised than Emma Lee when Jade Lee Peel returns to Sleepy Hollow for the reunion. Jade was the pretty girl, the popular one, the cheerleader, and she made it her personal mission to torment Emma Lee in high school. Worst of all, Jade used to date Emma Lee's current beau, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross. Ten years hasn't changed Jade; she's still a mean girl, and she's still trying to get her hooks into Jack.

When someone murders Jade, there is no shortage of suspects, and when Jade realizes that Emma Lee can see and hear her, she begins badgering Emma to solve her murder. Emma Lee is happy to do so, if only to get Jade out of her hair. As if that's not enough to deal with, now Emma Lee's sister, Charlotte Rae, is demanding the lovely antique sideboard that has been in the funeral home for as long as Emma Lee can remember. Since Charlotte ditched Eternal Slumber for a bigger, fancier funeral home in Lexington, Emma Lee isn't keen on cooperating.

These books are so amusing and witty. I love the humorous turns of phrase that come out in dialogue, and I adore the wacky characters that call Sleepy Hollow home. Emma's Granny, Zula Fae, is a character all on her own!

Favorite line: "If dumb was dirt, she'd only cover about half an acre."

Fun and lighthearted (for a murder!); four stars:



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