Jan. 13th, 2017

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On Wednesday, I began reading Assault and Beret by Jenn McKinlay, and I finished it on Thursday. It's part of the author's "Hat Shop" mystery series.

Scarlett's cousin Vivian is set to teach a millinery class in Paris, and Scarlett tags along. She has an ulterior motive; Scarlett wants to meet Viv's mysterious, estranged husband. She brokers a meeting between the two, and Viv reluctantly attends, simply wanting an annulment to her hasty marriage. Instead, it appears as if she and Will my be on their way to reconciliation. Will, who works for a company that insures priceless art, shows Scarlett and Viv a rediscovered Renoir. Shortly thereafter, he is abducted, and the painting goes missing. Now, it's up to Scarlett and Viv, to save the day. They are aided by their ragtag gang of regulars who travel to Paris to be with them, including Scarlett's love interest, Harrison.

The story pelted along at a fast pace. I did figure some things out, but others caught me completely flat-footed. It was fun to see the usually cool and reserved Vivian being flustered by not one, but two different men, and I enjoyed watching things progress between Scarlett and Harry.

Favorite line: Damn Americans, why didn't they pick up the hat thing?

Excellent! Five stars:

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Yesterday, I rocked all through Be Careful What You Witch For, by Dawn Eastman. It's the second book in her "Family Fortune" mystery series.

Clyde and her former flame, Mac, are on-again, but they're trying to keep it their secret for now. Fortunately for Clyde, her mother Rose and her Aunt Violet are busy with the fall festival in Crystal Haven. The highlight of the festival is a Samhain ritual, presided over by Clyde's friend Diana. However, in the midst of the ritual, one of the participants dies of anaphylactic shock. Everyone knew that Rafe was deathly allergic to peanuts, and when it is learned that one of the foods at the ritual had been doused with peanut oil, the police treat the incident as a homicide. Clyde is content to let Mac and the rest of his police force handle it, until Diana's brother Dylan is arrested in conjunction with the murder. In an effort to help her friends, Clyde begins to investigate the incident, aided by her wacky family. As if that's not enough on her plate, her nephew Seth shows up on her doorstep, having told his parents he was going to a camping retreat.

I didn't find this second book as funny as the first, but it was no less enjoyable. Clyde is still trying to pretend she has no psychic abilities, while her mother and her aunt continue trying to finagle her into using her Gift. The plot zipped along at a rapid pace and introduced new characters I hope to see more of. I figured out who dunnit it about midway through the book, but there were still surprises along the way to keep things exciting.

Favorite line exchange:
"Velma and Shaggy had it all figured out," Mac said.
"How did you get into my phone?" Seth asked. "I have a password!"
Mac smiled. "0731?"
Seth's mouth dropped open. "Yeah."
"How did you know that?" I asked. I never would have guessed a random set of numbers.
"It's Harry Potter's birthday," Mac said.


Very good, five stars:



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