Jan. 11th, 2017

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Between yesterday and today, I read Awakened, which is the first installment in authors Shei Darksbane and Annathesa Nikola Darksbane's ebook series "Auralight Codex".

Dakota Shepherd is a fangirl by day and a security guard by night. When she interrupts what appears to be a magical ritual being performed within the museum she works at, Dakota's world changes. Now, most people appear to her in shades of gray, and what's with the green flames that erupted from her hands? A trip to a club to get her mind off of things lands Dakota in an encounter with a vampire, but she is rescued by Amorie, a beautiful woman whom Dakota is fascinated with.

Amorie explains that Dakota has been Awakened, and she refers Dakota to the local werewolf Alpha. From him, Dakota learns she is a werewolf, but something is preventing her from shifting. She eventually ends up in Calgary, where a pair of psychic twins help her break through the block that has been placed on her memories. Now, it's up to Dakota to confront the person who put that block in place.

An interesting story. Dakota is gay, which is a refreshing change of pace for an urban fantasy. I did think other characters were almost too accepting of that fact, however, which struck me as a bit naive if not unrealistic. While it was easy to see why Dakota was attracted to vampire Amorie, I don't really get why Amorie seems so fascinated with Dakota. I kept thinking that Amorie was just using her for her own gain, but nothing like that happened in this first book. There were some tense moments when Dakota and another werewolf were targeted by a faction that wants to purge all supernatural creatures, and they had to fight their way free. I enjoyed Dakota's love of Harry Potter, Sherlock, et al. Relatable!

Favorite lines:
♦ "It was viciously attacked and devoured by the washing machine and I mourned its passing with a vow of silence."
♦ If people were Awakened just by hearing the word "mage", I doubt there'd be many people still Unawakened. What with Peter Jackson and Harry Potter and all.
♦ I grinned at the thought of a big bad werewolf made festive by electric razor justice.
♦ "A vampire is stalking me and she wants to drink my blood." I could tell I was scared considering I didn't even turn that "w" into a "v".

Fun story, and I look forward to reading more. Four stars:



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