Jan. 3rd, 2017

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I spent most of the afternoon reading a cozy ebook, titled A Fatal Twist of Lemon. It's the first installment in author Patrice Greenwood's "Wisteria Tearoom" mystery series. I've been to tea at a place called the Wisteria Twig Tearoom, so this delighted me!

Before the grand opening of her new Wisteria Tearoom, Ellen Rosing hosts a tea for several guests to thank them for their support and assistance. As the final guests are leaving, she returns to the dining room to check on the last guest, Sylvia Carruthers, only to find the woman dead on the floor.

From there, Ellen is subjected to intense scrutiny by policeman Tony Aragon, whom she begins referring to (mentally, at least) as Officer Arrogant. She knows the man is just doing his job, but he seems to be deliberately grating on her nerves. Determined not to let her venture fail before it's even begun, Ellen starts looking into the murder herself, questioning her staff and the other guests in an effort to learn if they saw or heard anything suspicious.

In the meantime, the light in the closed-off dining room keeps coming on, as well as the stereo system. Ellen doesn't want to attribute it to a haunting, but a woman who does ghost tours told her the building that houses the tearoom is haunted by its first owner, Captain Dusenberry. Ellen is more concerned with the recent death in the dining room, and her investigation may lead her into danger.

This was a delightful story. I enjoyed the characters, and I particularly liked the author's descriptions of the Victorian decor, the fragrant teas, and the swoon-worthy food! I did not like Officer Arrogant, and I liked it even less when Ellen became grudgingly attracted to him. Really?! Guh. *shakes head*

Favorite line: Part of me was terrified, and another part was thinking, "This is a stupid way to die."

Giving it four stars:



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