Jan. 2nd, 2017

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I started this book "last year", and I finished it last night. It was Buy a Whisker, which is the second book in author Sofie Ryan's "Second Chance Cat" mystery series.

Sarah Grayson is enjoying her return to her home town of North Harbor, especially now that her secondhand shop is doing well. Winter is a slow season, however, with fewer tourists in town. A company wants to develop the waterfront of North Harbor, and most people in town are looking forward to an increase in tourists and revenue. The lone holdout is Lily Carter, who refuses to sell her bakery, even though she is the victim of harassment and pranks.

When Sarah goes to Lily's bakery early one morning, she finds Lily dead at the bottom of her stairs. Police soon rule the death a homicide, and Sarah's friend Liz is questioned in conjunction with the crime, because she and Lily had an argument. That's all the excuse that Sarah's other senior friends need to delve into investigating. While they're busy looking into financials, Sarah can't help but think that Lily's death had less to do with the development and more to do with the disappearance of her abusive boyfriend. His family never got closure, and they suspected that Lily knew more than she was telling them.

In addition to her own sleuthing, Sarah is busy with her shop, keeping up with friends, and juggling her attraction to two different men in her life.

Good story, enjoyable characters, and an interesting plot. Of course, I adored Sarah's cat, Elvis. He's quite the character on his own!

Favorite line: I was arguing with a cat. A cat! And who was I kidding? He was winning.

Four stars:



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