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Jun. 4th, 2017 12:11 pm
chez_jae: (Books)
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I borrowed this from the library of [profile] tanyareed!

1. Hardback or Paperback? Paper, because they're less expensive and easier to store.

2. Borrow or Buy? Buy, because I like to re-read favorites. Those books that aren't "keepers" get donated.

3. Fantasy or Sci-fi? I've always loved fantasy and never been fond of sci-fi.

4. Love-triangle or Love at first sight? Both tropes are annoying, in my opinion.

5. Wall shelves or Bookcases? Bookcases, lots of them!

6. Bad plot with good characters or good plot with bad characters? Ooh, that's a tough one.

7. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson? Harry Potter, for the win!

8. Booklr or Bookstagram? Neither

9. Contemporaries or Fantasy? The two main genres I read are cozy (contemporary) mysteries and urban fantasy, so both!

10. English books or books in your native language? Uh, that would be English

11. Buy in a bookshop or buy online? Online, because I can do it whenever I want

12. Amazon or Book Depository? Amazon

13. Buy because of the cover or because of the description? The cover catches my eye, but it's the description that "sells" it for me.
14. Alphabetical shelves or colour coordinated? Neither. I have OCD, so all of my books are on shelves, by series, in the order they were written/published. I do try to keep different series by the same author together.

15. Different sized books or matching sizes? My OCD prefers same size, thank you very much!

16. Wait to marathon a series or read as they’re released? I marathon to catch up, then read as they're released.

17. Movie or tv adaptations? Movie, I guess

18. Zombies or vampires? Werewolves! Ha ha! Okay, okay, vampires.

19. Reading indoors or outdoors? Inside, always.

20. Coffee or tea? Tea! I have a glass of iced tea next to me now.

21. Bookmarks or random objects to mark your page? I have a million bookmarks, so that's what I use.

22. Dog-earing or bookmarks?

23. Be your favourite character or be their best friend? I am a better friend than a hero!

24. Physical or e-book? I prefer physical books, but many of my friends only publish in eformat, and there are so many good books out there only in electronic format.

25. Read in bed or on a chair? The couch!

26. Audiobook or ebook? Ebook

27. Series or stand-alones? I love series! It's like coming home, each time you read a new book in a series.

28. Reading in the winter or reading in the summer? Who only reads "seasonally"?! *boggles*
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